Threaded Rod Support Hardware

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  • Used to secure curtain track from above, even when no structures are available for support (ceiling or wall)
  • Manufactured from 16-guage galvanized steel
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


When there aren’t any available structures to attach the curtain track to, the threaded rod can be used as support. Threaded rod support hardware can be secured to ceiling beams or roof trusses.

Buying Your Curtain Track System

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Curtain Track Hardware – Curved, Standard

  • Fast, easy, and cost-effective method to create specific areas or zones.
  • Utilize at least 1 support connector for every 6-8 feet of roller track.
  • Deduct 2 ft. from the length of straight track on each side of the curve.
  • Curved tracks are 2 ft. radius.
  • Curtains roll back when not in use.
  • 25% restocking fee.
Threaded Rod Connector THREADED ROD SUPPORT HARDWARE TR-7710-K83 1 0 $9.20
Threaded Rod Split Threaded Rod Support Hardware TR-7710-K84 1 0 $10.45
90° 'L' 2-Way Connector Threaded Rod Support Hardware TR-7710-K85 1 0 $26.60
'T' 3-Way Connector Threaded Rod Support Hardware TR-7710-K86 1 0 $33.85
Curved Track Threaded Rod Support Hardware TR-7710-K28 1 0 $69.20

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

'T' 3-Way Connector, 90 'L' 2-Way Connector, Curved Track with Threaded Rod Supports, Threaded Rod Connector, Threaded Rod Split

Ideal for when there aren’t any easily accessible structures near the track to be secured to. If your curtain requires attachment immediately above the top of the curtain, opt for beam or chain support hardware instead.

  • Stages
    • Arenas
    • Studios
    • Theaters
    • Black box
    • Broadway
    • Proscenium
    • Concert Halls
    • Universities/Schools
    • Convention centers
    • Churches/Houses of Worship
  • Industrial
    • Hospitals/Medical Institutions
    • Doctors’ and nurses offices
    • Warehouses/factories
    • Garages
    • Gyms
  • Commercial
    • Construction and renovation
    • Photography studios
    • Dressing rooms
    • Office cubicles
    • Restaurants
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    • Lobbies
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  • Home
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    • Dining room curtains
    • Living room curtains
    • Entertainment areas
    • Privacy curtains
    • Accent curtains
    • Home theaters
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