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Tarp Accessories

Chicago Canvas & Supply offers a wide selection of tarp accessories to accommodate a variety of needs. Whether you are looking for a heavy duty adhesive or extra grommets for a repair, we’ve got you covered. Shop our extensive inventory of tarp accessories including Canvak, Grommet kits, bungee cords, vinyl cement, and more.

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    • Water resistant canvas perseverative
    • Easy to apply
    • One Gallon Can
    • Covers 100 sq. ft. of canvas
    • Ingredients: 85% mineral spirits, 12.5% inactive ingredients, 2.5% zinc naphtenate
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    • Self setting grommet kit
    • Easy to Use
    • Size 3 (7/16 in.)
    • 24 brass, nickel, or black grommets
    • Includes: grommets, washers, hole cutter, wood cutting block, grommet setting tool
    • Instructions included
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    • Self Piercing
    • Includes Washers
    • Size 3 (7/16 in.)
    • Quantity: 24 sets/pkg
    • Brass, Nickel, or Black Finishes
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    • Super-strong, waterproof, flexible bond for Vinyl Coated & Laminated Fabrics
    • Highly resistant to temperature & weather extremes
    • Excellent for patching & healing
    • 8 OZ, 16 OZ, or 32 OZ can
    • Easy brush on application
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    • Latex based adhesive used for repairing fabric & leather
    • Works Instantly
    • Waterproof
    • Available in 2 OZ, 6 OZ, & 16 OZ sizes
    • non -toxic
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    Rubber straps for fastening tarpaulins or similar products and for securing various loads. Length based on rubber only.
    Specifications for “S” Hooks:
    0.172 diameter, C-1019 silicone-kilined hard temper galvanized wire, dry wax coated to protect from rust.
    Wear eye and head protection during tie-downs and disconnects. Sudden unhooking can cause serious injury. Straps should not be stretched more than 50% their original length; check straps for stated safe maximum stretch. Inspect straps before each use. Straps should be discarded if abraded, cut or cracked. Straps should not be substituted as the primary tie-down method for the load.

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