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Stage Curtains, Theater Curtains, & Stage Backdrops

Chicago Canvas and Supply carries the highest quality fabric to create stage curtains, stage backdrops, and sets to suit your production’s style and budget. Whether you’re a professional scenographer or in charge of your first student theatrical, our in-stock inventory of theatre fabric will suit your specific needs.

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Stage Curtains

When it comees to selecting stage curtains, we highly recommend using our Guide to Selecting Stage Curtains for a side-by side comparison of flame retardant and non-flame retardant fabrics, cotton vs. synthetic, heavy duty, and cost. Here are some of our more popular sellers for stage curtains:


Scrims are ideal for reveals, light diffusion, and other on-stage lighting effects. Our scrim selection includes:

  • Sharkstooth Scrim – open weave fabric used for bleed through effects
  • Leno-filled Scrim – diffuses and softens light. Perfect four bounce drops and cycs.
  • Linen Gauze – light weight scrim used in set dressings, scenic backdrops, screens,


Chroma-key is often referred to as the green screen fabric. This fabric is perfect for effect shots.

Competitive Prices & Short Lead Times

We offer competitive prices, a huge inventory of scenic and decorative theatrical fabrics, and on-stage supplies in stock. We understand that creating stage backdrops and curtains often need to be done in a hurry.  Chicago Canvas & Supply can ship same day.

Custom Fabrication

Chicago Canvas & Supply also offers custom fabrication services, with quick turn-around times, to meet your every need.