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DIY Crafts & Home Décor Fabrics

Browse Chicago Canvas’ home fabrics section to find just what you need for your next craft project.  From home décor fabrics like Broadcloth and Fleece to upholstery fabrics such as Vinyl and Cotton, CCS provides a wide selection of fabric types and colors at affordable prices. Home Fabrics are ideal for transforming a home’s style and ambiance.

We are always adding new home décor items so check back often.  Email us pics of the finished products using your home décor fabrics so we can include them on the website.

Quick Ideas for DIY Crafts

Chicago Canvas & Supply’s fabrics are often also used for craft projects such as wreaths, fabric flowers which can dress up any gift wrapping, aprons, place mats, baby blankets, warmers…there are really no limits on how creative you can be.

The neat thing with CCS’s Home and Craft fabric selection is the personal touch it adds. Sometimes there are limitations on what you can find in the store.  You may like a certain idea if only it was in a different color or pattern. Guess what?! You would be surprised by how many items you can make on your own in no time. Don’t underestimate the power of a homemade gift for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas, Easter, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even just because.