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Chicago Canvas & Supply is a division of our 70-year-old company. Spanning three generations of family ownership, this newest division was developed close to 20 years ago. While originally offering many industrial fabrics and products, in 1986



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Best Tarps Without Grommets
Brad Mangurten

Why would you want a tarp without grommets? A grommet is an eyelet, often metal, that’s added to tarps so that the user can lace a rope or cable through. The grommets allow that rope or cable to help secure … []

Best Leaf Tarps & Yard Waste Tarps For Picking Up Fall Leaves
Brad Mangurten

It’s estimated that one fully-grown oak has about 200,000 leaves. When those leaves are dry, they’d weigh around 555.5 pounds. That’s just one tree. If you have 10 oaks in your yard, you’d be raking and moving about 5,555 pounds … []

What Kinds of Tarps Let Water Through?
Brad Mangurten

Sometimes, the tarp you need is one that allows water to pass. Maybe, you need a pool cover to keep leaves and bugs out when the pool isn’t in use. You may have garden plants to protect from insect pests, … []

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Many of the products offered from CCS are made in the USA. Our Chicago based production facility handles all shipping, custom cutting, and more!

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CCS will price match identical products from our competitors. Call us at 773-478-5700 for more information.


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Chicago Canvas has been trusted for over 70 years to provide high-quality tarps and fabrics.