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Chicago Canvas & Supply is a division of our 70-year-old company. Spanning three generations of family ownership, this newest division was developed close to 20 years ago. While originally offering many industrial fabrics and products, in 1986


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20 Jan

What Is the Best Glue for Tarps?

Brad Mangurten

Tarps are used in so many situations. In winter, tarps cover outdoor pools, stacks of firewood, and patio furniture. They’re sun shades, temporary walls to cut wind or inclement weather from worksites or porches, and shelters when camping. By choosing the right tarp for the job, you get a tarp that’s going to last. What […]

What’s the Best Tarp to Use for Camping?

Brad Mangurten

Think about the things you need from the tarps you use while camping. Your choice of tarp needs to repel water. It needs to withstand winds and the heat from a campfire or tent heater. You don’t want it ripping within months of buying it. You don’t want it growing mold or mildew when it’s […]

13 Jan