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Chicago Canvas & Supply is a division of our 70-year-old company. Spanning three generations of family ownership, this newest division was developed close to 20 years ago. While originally offering many industrial fabrics and products, in 1986


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08 Apr

Tarps For Construction Projects

Brad Mangurten

Construction projects get messy. Dust is just part of it. Paint, grout, joint compound, and stain often splatter. You don’t want those substances getting onto new flooring. You also don’t want to spend hours having to clean up construction dust and debris. That’s just one reason you need to have tarps on hand. A sudden […]

Decorative & Safety Features Of Duvetyne

Brad Mangurten

Duvetyne. What do you know about this popular fabric? Merriam-Webster defines duvetyne as a “velvety” and “smooth” fabric. Its sheen is defined as “lustrous.” Typically, this fabric is a cotton or wool twill that is smooth on one side and velvety on the other. It is commonly used in movies and theater because it does […]

26 Mar