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Chicago Canvas & Supply is a division of our 70-year-old company. Spanning three generations of family ownership, this newest division was developed close to 20 years ago. While originally offering many industrial fabrics and products, in 1986



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How to Keep Tarps Clean & How to Care For Your Tarp
Brad Mangurten

A tarp’s longevity depends on how well you treat it. Keep it dirty and wet and it’s going to wear quickly. Chicago Canvas can help you maximize your tarp’s life by directing you to the right tarp for the job. … []

10 Best Uses for a Canvas Tarp
Brad Mangurten

Canvas is a woven cotton or linen fabric that’s used in many different ways. Canvas may be turned into a tote bag or backpack, a surface for painting, tents or equipment covers, and far more. It’s a sturdy fabric thanks … []

Choosing the Best Canvas Drop Cloth
Brad Mangurten

During a construction project, a complete transformation of a dated space, or painting project, you need to protect your furnishings, floors, and outdoor spaces. Paint drips seem minimal, but they can be impossible to remove from some finishes. Dark brown … []

What Makes Chicago Canvas Different?

Made In The USA

Many of the products offered from CCS are made in the USA. Our Chicago based production facility handles all shipping, custom cutting, and more!

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CCS will price match identical products from our competitors. Call us at 773-478-5700 for more information.


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Chicago Canvas has been trusted for over 70 years to provide high-quality tarps and fabrics.