Slip-n-Slide With Tarps

Slip-n-slides are a fantastic way for kids (and even adults) to have fun and beat the heat without the need for an expensive swimming pool.  Slip-n-slides are essentially a rubber-like surface which water is added to in order to create a low enough friction factor to allow a person to slide over the surface.  The problem with most slip-n-slides that you buy at the store is you are stuck with their sizes, colors, and often the material is not very durable.  Chicago Canvas offers a fantastic solution — our 18 ounce Vinyl Coated tarps are a great way for you to have fun in your yard this summer with a slip-n-slide made from a tarp — an extremely durable material which is available in a variety of colors and sizes.  Click on the link below to select the color and size right for your application today!