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Curtain Trolleys


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  • Attach to curtain fabric to move curtains across the track
  • Range of materials ideal for light- to heavy-duty fabrics
  • Multiple configuration options

Product Description

Curtain trolleys are used to help the curtains move across the track. They hook onto your curtain fabric and the curtain track. Choose from five main configurations:

  • Nylon roller – for light fabrics
  • Steel ball roller – for heavy fabrics
  • Pull rope – for curtains taller than 8 feet
  • Overlap trolley – to provide an opening in the center
  • Edge clamp

Buying Your Curtain Track System

Looking for curtain track options? Shop curtain tracks:

Depending on your application, you may need some track support hardware:

Need some curtain track accessories? Shop:

CCS Curtain Track Hardware – Curved, Standard

  • Utilize at least 1 support connector for every 6-8 feet of roller track.
  • Deduct 2 ft. from the length of straight track on each side of the curve.
  • Curved tracks are 2 ft. radius.
  • Curtains roll back when not in use.
  • 25% restocking fee.
TR-7710-K41 Curtain Trolleys TR-7710-K41 1 0 $2.60
TR-7710-K42 Curtain Trolleys TR-7710-K42 1 0 $2.60
TR-7710-K44 Curtain Trolleys TR-7710-K44 1 0 $5.40
TR-7710-K72 Curtain Trolleys TR-7710-K72 1 0 $28.05
TR-7710-K80 Curtain Trolleys TR-7710-K80 1 0 $31.00
TR-7710-K91 Curtain Trolleys TR-7710-K91 1 0 $8.50

Additional Information


Nylon Roller with 1/2″ Hook, Nylon Roller with 1″ Hook, Steel Ball Roller with 1″ Hook, Overlap Trolley with Steel Wheels, 4″ Pull Rope Trolley with Steel Wheels, Trolley with 2 Steel Wheels, Trolley with 4 Steel Wheels, Edge Clamp

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