Mapping Out Your Curtain Track System


First of all – relax, this is very simple.

If you are doing a single run, simply measure from one end (the beginning) to the other (the end).  You now have the amount of track you need.  Track can go indefinitely by simply using connectors.  This will be discussed next.

If you are doing a smaller project, it is best to plan on using tracks of 8′ and under.  This is the longest UPS will take and most cost efficient for a smaller project.  Longer tracks need to ship by truck.  If your track needs to be trimmed to fit your space, this can easily be done on site with a hack saw

With the proper hardware, you can also plan a 2 sided project (L shape). 3 sided (U shape) or 4 sided project.  If you want the curtain trolleys to travel from 1 side to the next, you need to use a curve at the corner.    L-1 curve, U-2 curves and 4 sided-4 curves.

All the curves have a 2′ radius.  What does this mean to my measurements?

A curve takes off 2′ from each track it touches.  Let us give you some simple examples.

Let’s say you are making a 2 sided system and each side is 8′.  When ordering your straight track deducted 2′ from each track.  You will only need 2-6′ tracks for this configuration. 1more example.  Let’s say you are making a 3 sided system.  Each side is 8′.  You will need 2-6′ tracks and 1-4′ track.  Since the connecting wall is touched by 2 curves, deduct 2′ from each side. Right!

FYI- a 4 sided system with 8′ for each side needs 4 curves and 4-4′ tracks.



Check the 6 hanging systems that follow and choose the best that suits your project.

Here are a few hints to make your selections easier.

  • CONNECTORS: This is used for 2 functions.  Wherever there is a joint in the track use a connector.  This holds the tracks together allowing the troll trolleys to roll smoothly and also provides an appropriate plate for mounting the system.  Use at least 1 connector for every 6-8 feet of track.  No connector is needed when track meets a curve as the curve comes with connectors welded to each end.
  • SPLITS:  Splits have a small screw that allows the bottom piece to loosen and be clamped anywhere on the track.  Splits can be used for mounting only and not for connecting.
  • END STOPS:  If track is tightly touching a wall or making a 4 sided configuration, you will not need end stops.  If this is not the case, end stops are necessary to keep the trolleys from rolling out of the system.
  • OVERLAP & PULL ROPE: Both of these accessories fit inside the track and enhance the usability of the system.
  • TROLLEYS:  Far and above, the 1″ NYLON ROLLER is the most popular. 1″ drops curtains more so that the fabric does not get caught in the channel of the track.  It also is quieter than the steel which is double in price!



Attaches directly to the ceiling or any flat horizontal surface directly above the track.  This can be used with curves or right angle corners.

This is the only time you can use the 1 more.  Wherever there is a joint you can use a plain connector and also the plain curve.  You will need to drill through the track for mounting which creates a sleeker look.  WARNING:  When you drill be sure the whole and screw do not block the trolley from traveling.



Attaches to walls or any vertical surface.  You can choose the mounting bar (which we call the flange) to be above the track or below the track.  There are advantages to both.

Wall mounts are often used with other mounting techniques.



For use when there are no easily accessible structures near the track.  Threaded rods attach to the ceiling height significantly above the track system.  An example would be above a drop ceiling or a very tall ceiling.  If you drop the track you also save on your curtain as it does not need to be so high.



Attaches to beam or anything else immediately above the top level of the curtain.



Permits attachment of roof truss section. beams and channels.  Secured with edge clamps and set screws.  Clamps can be rotated for proper alignment.


This is a lot of information but should give you a running start.  If you have any questions, let us help you.  This is a super popular product for CHICAGO CANVAS & SUPPLY.   Can’t wait to see what products you have in mind and hopefully, you’ll post some of your projects on our FACEBOOK page.



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