How to Measure the Curtain


You have now planned your track system and are ready to measure for your curtain.

Curtain Wider than Straight Track is Typical

We already know the width from measuring for the track.  If the curtain is not being created with sewn pleats, we normally recommend making the curtain wider than the straight track.  This will give you some natural fold unless you want the curtain to hang more like a window shade or movie screen. 10% – 30% is the norm.

The track and hook on the trolley drop your curtain approximate 2″.  If you want your curtain off the ground, deduct 2″ if you want your curtain to the ground, deduct 1″ and if you want your curtain to drag, deduct nothing at all,

Wiggle Room

Remember, when you measure for your curtain and give the project to your fabricator there is a little bit of give and take.  We are very careful when measuring and sewing – but, it’s not like cutting a piece of wood.  We often give the example that you can try on several pairs of the same jeans, same size and each fits slightly differently.

Hanging Curtains with Grommets

One way of hanging your curtain on the track system is to have the curtain made with grommets which are metal eyelets. It is most popular to have a grommet every 1′. If you do this, you will need a trolley for each grommet.  Another idea is to have us put rope ties in the grommets and tie this onto the hook from the trolley.  This will affect the height of the curtain as it will “drop” it more.

When your curtain is not in use, figure it will occupy about 1″ for each roller plus approximately 25%.  This is referred to as storage space.

Curtain Fabric Choices

The choice of fabrics is limitless.  Let’s review this next.  So many choices!  So many ideas!!

What other challenges have you experienced when installing your curtain track system?

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