Selecting the Best Curtain Fabric

What Fabric is Best for Your Curtain Project

There are several things to consider when choosing the fabric for your curtain.
What is the purpose of the curtain? Here are some choices:

Block Light

Divide Work Areas


Absorb Sound

Divide Garages

Dressing Rooms

Protect Environment from Weather

Theatre Curtains

Office Space

To quote a cliche – these are only the tip of the iceberg but a pretty good start if we say so.

Next to consider – is my project indoors or outdoors?

If indoors and in a public area, you might need a flame retardant fabric. It’s pretty bad to have your curtains fabricated and hung and the Fire Marshall tells you the curtain needs to be FR (flame retardant). Do your homework on this topic!
If outdoors, the curtain may need to be water repellent, waterproof, semi-transparent or rip resistant.

Is curtain weight an issue?

Weight of the curtain is not an issue for our track system if properly installed. These are fabrics often compared on the weights:

Chicago Canvas & Supply’s curtain track systems are industrial quality and can handle the weight of any of the curtains above.


Of course cost is part of the decision making. Will the curtain be temporary, permanent, stationary, moved often? Making it right the first time is always best for any budget.

Ask Questions

Once you have determined the basics, experts at Chicago Canvas & Supply can help with the final details and get you that quick quote you are looking to receive.

Coming soon. We have a new blogger who will be providing frequent posts defining various fabrics and related terms.

4 thoughts on “Selecting the Best Curtain Fabric

  1. Will says:

    Does 10 oz canvas block light? I was looking at an olive green or maybe khaki colored if that matters. I’m making roll up curtains and just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t let too much light in.


  2. Maria says:

    I’m looking for a poly silk that has a more natural look with the ‘slubs’ (bumps) and more/or resembles the green silk in this photo –

    or looks more like a taffeta and has almost a noisy (crunchy) sound when it moves. I guess that is how I would describe it. Here is a taffeta type fabric that would be ok too –

    What I don’t want is a fabric that has a real tight weave with no texture and is just super shiny.

    Do you all offer samples? Or have real photos of the colors of the poly silk? It’s nearly impossible to tell a color on the color chart on the site.

    Thank you in advance for any information you can give me!

    • Brad Mangurten says:


      The poly silk is smooth. We do have poly muslin that has more texture to it and of course the 10 oz color canvas has a lot of texture, but it is heavier than the poly silk.

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