Curtain Track & Drapery Hardware

Use CCS’s commercial grade Curtain Track Systems with our room divider curtain fabrics to create fast, easy, and cost-effective areas or zones. These systems allow for flexibility to roll curtains back when not in use.

Material: 16 gauge galvanized steel.
Size: Curved curtain tracks are 2 ft. radius. Deduct 2 ft. from length of straight track on each side of curve.

 How Our Drapery Hardware Works

  1. Using the appropriate connectors, track systems can run in infinite lengths. We recommend utilizing at least 1 support connector for every 6-8 feet of roller track.
  2. There are matching splits to each type of connector. The splits are used for mounting only, at the beginning and end of each straight run. Splits can be placed anywhere on the straight track where the system needs to be mounted.
  3. Add rollers with “S” hooks and the system is complete and ready for use.

Not Sure What to Order?

Let’s chat so we can provide you with a curtain track solution that is perfect for your application. Chat online, submit your request, or give us a call at 773-478-5700.

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  • Curtain Track - Roller Track

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