Selecting Room Divider Curtains

How to Select Your Room Divider Curtain

When it comes to deciding on a room divider curtain, it is important to consider where the curtain will be used, how it will be used, and what curtain fabric is best. Commando Cloth, Sound Absorber, Velour, or 13 oz Vinyl Laminate are often used as room dividers when areas need to be created or defined, but a permanent wall is not feasible due to cost, the flow of foot traffic, or the need to move large objects in and out of an area.


Benefits of Using a Room Divider Curtain

  1. Using a hanging room divider instead of a wall enables the utility of all the available space.
  2. It allows the flexibility to partition project areas that will increase efficiency and productivity.
  3. Eliminating visual distractions and controls noise.
  4. Room divider curtains can also increase safety, and control airborne particles, such as dust and debris.


Where are Room Divider Curtains Used?



Room divider curtains can keep employees safe and focused while also allowing large objects and pallets to be moved across the warehouse. In industrial settings, FR Vinyl Laminate room divider curtains are specially designed to serve a purpose, whether it be to eliminate noise, or contain particles and fumes to one area.


Popular places for industrial divider curtains:

  • Manufacturing factories
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Food establishments




Room dividers are typically used in homes with an open floor plan where adding a wall would impede the purpose of the layout or hinder natural light flow. A room divider curtain can also provide the option of adding non-permanent color by using a curtain as an accent wall or even to hide clutter.


Popular places for residential curtain dividers:

  • Lofts
  • Dorm rooms
  • Closets
  • Accent walls


What curtain fabric is best for hanging room dividers?

The short answer is, it depends on the application.

  • Sheer curtains, such as Theatrical Gauze, are used in homes where the purpose is to add dimension to an area without restricting light flow. Sheer room divider curtains can also add an airy ambiance to rooms.
Natural Linen Gauze
  • Vinyl room divider curtains are best for industrial applications as they will significantly reduce particles, paint, and fumes from flowing into other areas of the room.
13oz Vinyl Laminated Polyester Blue
  • Sound Absorbing Fabric is a great solution to eliminate sound in a designated area. Heavy and dense fabrics are ideal when needing to minimize sound and light from traveling to other rooms/areas.
Black Sound Absorbing Material

Curtain Track Hardware

Room divider curtains require curtain track hardware. Be sure to evaluate the quality of the curtain track. More on that in a future blog post, however in the interim, contact Chicago Canvas & Supply for a free consultation on selecting room divider curtains or curtain track hardware.

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