5 Quick and Crafty Burlap Halloween Decorations

Goodbye Summer, hello Fall! Time for warm sweaters, boots and scarves, and a nice pumpkin spice latte. Fall also means that Halloween is right around the corner–to help get you in the mood for the start of the holiday season, here are 5 fun DIY Halloween decorations, using burlap.

Halloween Burlap Wreath

Wreaths are an elegant ornament that effortlessly spices up your home decor. They are also an easy DIY craft! You’ll need square pieces of burlap (whatever colors you choose), T pins, glue and a large wreath form. For instructions, click here. To achieve a Halloween feel, combine natural burlap with a decorative ribbon or other burlap colors (oranges, blacks and browns). Use our plaid orange burlap fabric for an extra decorative display. Make your design your own by adding additional touches, such as a bow on top, or cut-out of a ghost or pumpkin in the middle.

Halloween Burlap Wreath

Pumpkintime Burlap Door Hangers

Door hangers are another fun way to get in the holiday mood. These are great for kids’ rooms and the front door. Your door hanger can be a simple “Happy Halloween” message, a pumpkin, scarecrow or ghost, or your favorite candy. Get creative with your ideas! To make your door hanger, you’ll need a large piece of paper (or newspaper) to sketch your shape, burlap fabric, pencil and pen, scissors, hot glue gun, aluminum wire, stuffing (paper, plastic grocery bags or cotton will work), paint if needed, and any other desired decorative materials. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Burlap Door Hanger

Halloween Table Runner

Festive and multi-purpose. Gather enough burlap for your table size and cut to desired length. Use natural burlap or patterned. You can also paint it with your desired color or design. You’ll also need cardboard to help with the painting, freezer paper (to act as a stencil if desired), scissors, lining fabric, heat bond, trim, iron and hot glue gun. For the complete step-by-step process, click here.

Halloween Burlap Table Runner

Trick-or-Treat Bags

This craft is a must for kids. Let them create their very own Trick or Treat burlap bag! A fun and easy way for them to celebrate Halloween and get creative. This project is also a fun party activity. Or, create them yourself for goodie bags. Paint names and designs (try a jack-o-lantern face) and add ribbon, glitter glue or anything else you’d like! You can discard afterwards, or save for next year. You can also repurpose your craft by hanging it on the wall or over a door handle.

Burlap Trick-or-Treat Bag

Glowing Burlap Ghost Garland

Create a cute strand of ghosts to decorate the inside or outside of your home. This project wows for parties and looks great even when it’s not lit up. It’s also budget friendly. You’ll need plastic ornaments, a drill, white or tan burlap cut into 11-inch squares (you can also paint natural burlap), a black marker, black paint, paint brush, strand of lights (colored or white will work), and twine. Click here for tutorial.

Burlap Ghost Garland

Happy DIY! Let us know how your projects turned out in the comments below.

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