Ideas for breaking up indoor and outdoor space with room divider curtains

Great Ideas for Breaking up Space with Room Divider Curtains

Room Divider Curtains are one of the most versatile items one can purchase. With only a curtain, you can add style to a room, create privacy, hide unsightly areas, control light and more. Here are some ideas on how you can break up space with divider curtains.

Divide Space in a Loft

A divider curtain in a loft can add style and privacy. Its purpose to serve as temporary walls gives the occupants the option to create functional spaces at a moment’s notice. In situations when painting the walls aren’t an option, divider curtains can be used as a substitution to line the room or give accent color.

Here are some fabric choices that are best suited for lofts:

Divider Curtains

Warehouse Curtains

Divider curtains used in warehouses are perfect for defining work spaces by partitioning the room in such a way that still allows large pallets and vehicles to move through when needed.


Warehouse curtains should always be flame retardant. 13 oz. Vinyl Laminate (with or without PVC windows) is a great choice for warehouse curtains.

Divider Curtains for Office and Lobby Areas

Room divider curtains in an office setting can be used to add texture and style, while keeping a soft look of privacy, rather than using rigid walls to create spaces. Divider curtains can be used for cubicles or to separate a lobby area.

In most cases, it’s mandatory for fabrics to be flame retardant in public venues. Flame retardant fabrics ideal for office and lobby areas include:

hospital curtains

Hospital Curtains

Patient privacy is a top priority in hospitals and healthcare settings. Hospitals utilize curtains in all patient rooms to ensure a confidentiality during exams, privacy and comfort.

The best choices for hospital curtains are:

Closet Curtains

Do away with traditional closet doors and use curtains instead! Curtains in place of doors give a soft, whimsical look to any bedroom. They also eliminate the noise of opening and closing a door, which is ideal for shared rooms or thin walls.

Curtain fabrics best suited for closets are:

TV Curtains-Entertainment Nook

Entertainment Nook

Divider curtains can hide unsightly electronics, instantly decluttering your space. To create your very own home theater, look for fabrics that block light.

Ideal entertainment nook fabrics include:

Dorm Room Curtain Divider

So you moved into your dorm and you can’t stand your roommate or maybe you are just craving a little privacy? A room divider curtain will ease your space sharing problems. It might not eliminate their blaring music, but it will dim light and help make varying sleeping and studying schedules bearable.

Our top fabric choices for room divider curtains include:


Bed Curtains

Create your own bed canopy! Curtains add elegance to any room. Bed curtains are ideal for preventing light from entering your private sleeping space. Try draping them around your bed for added comfort and style. Or install a curtain track around your bed for a different style. Posh, affordable, and simple.

The best bed curtain fabrics are:

Inspired to make the most out of your space? Our team of fabric experts are ready to assist you: 1-866-389-2218. Be sure to ask about our curtain track systems, which can be mapped out to your project. Good luck!

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    I just have a quick question to make sure before I order: Are all your measurements length X width?

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    • Mary,

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      Commando Curtains are Width x Height which means grommets or pockets will be on the ‘width’ side. Dropcloths and tarps are rectangular pieces that can be turned either way.

      All other items on site are listed as length x width.

      Please also feel free to call us toll free with questions on your specific item at 866-389-2218.

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