Buying Tarps Online vs. At Big Box Stores

Why by a tarp online when you can drive to a big box store and purchase a discount tarp locally? Most will tell you it’s convenient to go to a local store and bring it home. Are you getting the best deal, however? There are several reasons you should save yourself the trip and shop online for a tarp.

Selections in a Store Are Limited

If you look at a box store for tarps, you’ll find the selection is limited. Most stores sell the blue tarps that are designed for light-duty use. In a camping section, you may find heavy-duty tarps, but they’re going to be smaller and not always ideal for your needs. You’d have to buy multiples to get the size you need. Then, you’d have to find a way to secure them together that ensured a watertight seam. It’s not ideal.

Chicago Canvas has tarps in so many colors, weights, and styles. There are waterproof tarps and breathable ones. There is a huge range of sizes. If you don’t find the right size, specialists are happy to create a customized tarp for you. You’re also welcome to call and request a free fabric sample if you want to feel the thickness and quality before you order.

Tarps Are Not a Box Store’s Specialty

A box store doesn’t specialize in any particular thing. They’re around for convenience. If you need help deciding what tarp is best to cover a cord of wood vs. the tarp that’s best for covering a tractor for the winter, the employee at the box store won’t know. It’s up to you to decide. That store also may not have the right tarp for the intended use. You’ll have to settle for second best.

Chicago Canvas & Supply is a division of a company that’s been around for more than seven decades. The canvas and tarp division came about in 1986. We have experts working for us who really understand the importance of listening to the customer and helping them find the right tarps in the right sizes. From tents and outdoor canopies to photography backgrounds, we ensure you get exactly what you need in a fabric that’s designed to last years.

Box Stores Cut Prices By Getting Tarps Made in Other Countries

One way box stores cut prices is by purchasing goods from countries that pay a low wage and may even use child labor. Chicago Canvas makes every effort to offer tarps and specialty products that are made in the U.S.A. We also hire our own on-site specialists to create custom tarps for our customers. When the custom tarps are ready, we take care of the shipping, too.

Tarps made in other countries may be coated in plastics that are dangerous. Lead and cadmium have been found in some plastics that are imported. When you buy a tarp made in the U.S., you know you’re getting products that meet U.S. regulations.

If you’re looking to avoid chemical odors with your tarp, Chicago Canvas has Iron Horse polyester tarps. Iron Horse tarps are extremely durable, waterproof tarps that are perfect for covering boats, outdoor furniture, and truck beds. They’re also free of any chemical odors and come in a rainbow of colors.

The Focus Isn’t on Quality

A box store is after the lowest price. They’re not as concerned over quality. While the low price is appealing, how often will you bet replacing the tarp? If you purchase a blue tarp to cover your firewood for the winter and it rips within two months, you’ll need to go buy a new tarp. Is that really a better deal than if you’d spent a little more money and gotten a durable tarp that will last for years?

At Chicago Canvas, there are dozens of different fabrics and weights to ensure the tarp you choose is right for the application. Big box stores don’t give you that variety. You may think you’re saving money by shopping locally, but you’ll be replacing your tarp more often. You end up spending more.

We price match. If you find a tarp for a better price from one of their competitors, Chicago Canvas will match the price. Call 1-773-478-5700 to learn more.

Order $99 or more in tarps and shipping is free. Free shipping, price matching, and a high-quality tarp that’s made in the U.S.A. are three good reasons to choose Chicago Canvas. Chat with one of our specialists and let us help you find the right tarp for your needs.

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