Best Tarps For Fall Cleanup Projects

It’s time for fall cleanup. There’s a limited number of weekends before bitter cold temperatures hit and the snow starts to fall. By getting a head start on fall cleanup chores, you avoid a last-minute rush to get things done.

As you clean your yard and put away summer furniture and toys, why not use tarpaulins to your advantage? Tarps make fall cleanup much easier. Don’t overlook these important tasks and the ways to use tarps for fall cleanup as you get these tasks checked off.

Trimming or Pruning Trees and Bushes

As trees go dormant for the winter, it’s the best time to cut or trim branches. Remove lower branches that make it hard to mow under a tree. Remove branches that are against a house. If there are dead branches or limbs, you need to cut them off.

Insects and fungus can kill off healthy trees. If you have any dead trees or shrubs in the yard, you’ll need to remove them. Cut off limbs and branches first and then cut the main trunk as close to the ground as possible.

Each branch or limb that’s cut off, put it on a tarp. You’ll eliminate the need to rake up small twigs and leaves after. All of the mess is contained to the tarp. You want a heavy-duty tarp that won’t rip or tear. Brown/green reversible poly tarps are strong enough to take the weight of heavier branches or tree trunks.

Contain the mess to the tarp while you decide if you’re going to burn or compost the leaves and twigs. Rent a wood chipper and turn those branches into mulch you can compost or use to protect your perennials during the winter. Larger pieces of hardwood can be used in a fireplace or woodstove once they’ve dried out.

If you are going to save the larger pieces to heat your home, stack that wood on skids in an out-of-the-way location. Cover it with a blue poly tarp when you’re done. That will protect the firewood from snow, rain, and ice.

Cleaning Out Gutters

Falling leaves, dust, and pollen clog gutters. This can lead to ice build-up in the winter. You don’t want ice getting up into your roofing. Start the winter out with clean gutters. Rather than carry a bucket up and down the ladder and risk your safety in the process, place a blue poly tarp on the ground below and toss the decomposing leaves, twigs, dirt, and pollen onto the tarp.

When you’re done, you can move the tarp to your compost pile. Rinse off the tarp, allow it to fully dry in the sun, and the tarp is ready to be used elsewhere.

Covering Your Backyard Pool

A heavy-duty tarp provides an affordable option to an expensive pool cover. You want to protect the pool water from collecting leaves and branches in the fall. If you don’t keep them out, you’ll spend hours removing them before you can reopen the pool in the spring.

Silver UVR heavy-duty poly tarps or green/silver heavy-duty poly tarps are excellent pool covers. Lower the water level, balance your chemicals, place some empty chlorine jugs or an inflatable pillow in the center of the pool, and cover that with a tarp. Tie-down the tarp to ensure the wind doesn’t blow it away or that it falls into the pool with the weight of rain or snow.

In the spring, use a pump to drain the water from the top of the tarp. Untie the ropes used to secure it to the top of the pool. Pull the tarp off the pool without spilling any leaves or remaining water into the pool. Add water to the desired level, balance the chemicals, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about sweeping dead leaves and twigs from the bottom of the pool.

Raking Leaves

Leaves and pine needles can smother your grass. Rake them into piles and transfer them to a heavy-duty tarp. If you have a leaf blower, you can blow them straight onto the tarp. When the job is complete, move them to the compost pile. Depending on your state, town/city, or community rules, you may prefer to burn the leaves and compost the ashes or save the ashes to spread on your icy driveway or sidewalks.

Storing Summer Furniture, Tools, and Toys

Storing patio furniture, power equipment, and toys is easy to manage when you have heavy-duty tarps available. If space in a garage or shed is limited, you can cover your furnishings, lawnmowers, or toys with 18-ounce vinyl-coated polyester tarpaulins. They resist mildew, water, and damaging sun rays.

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