What Are the Best Tarps for Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing provides a level of privacy in residential and commercial settings. Whether you are trying to create a temporary fence from neighbors for a gathering or block off a construction site, Chicago Canvas & Supply has a range of tarps that will suit your needs. Many of the tarp fabrics come in colors ranging from the standard black to primary colors like blue, red, and yellow. You can add a temporary fence while adding a burst of color for eye-appeal. Take a closer look at the best tarps for temporary fencing.

Mesh Tarps for Fencing

Most people choose mesh tarps because they allow air to pass. Securing them is easier as breezes will pass through the material rather than blow it over. As mesh has the fine holes that allow air through, they won’t block all UV light. It may be harder to see through it, but it’s not going to be impossible. If privacy is important, you might want to look at vinyl tarps. Otherwise, we offer four types of mesh tarps.

Iron Vinyl Mesh Tarps

Iron vinyl mesh tarps are only available by the yard and require a minimum purchase of 5 yards. The black mesh measures 6 feet wide while the multi-color tarp is 8 feet wide. Not only is this tarp breathable, but it’s designed to stand up to heavy use, abrasion, rips, and tears. It’s ideal as:

  • Barrier fences
  • Fence cover
  • Privacy screen

Polyethylene Mesh Tarps

At 5 ounces per square yard, this is a very lightweight mesh tarp. It comes in five color choices and you can have those tarps customized if needed. You may need to request a custom size as this tarp comes in two sizes: 6′ by 50′ or 8′ by 50′. The knitted polyethylene fabric blocks 87% of the UV light, so it’s a better choice for privacy. The material resists mold and mildew, but it’s not waterproof. It’s best uses are:

  • Backyard fence for gatherings
  • Garden fence to keep animals and kids out of growing crops
  • Sports fence

Polypropylene Mesh Tarps

Like the polyethylene mesh tarps, polypropylene mesh tarps only come in 6′ by 50′ or 8′ by 50′ sizes. If those two sizes do not work for you, contact us for a custom quote. When it comes to blocking light and providing privacy, this tarp is the best at 97%. It’s a little heavier than the polyethylene tarp with the weight at 5.6 ounces per square yard. Green and black are the only two color options. These tarps are best for these temporary fences:

  • Construction fence
  • Parking lot fence
  • Sports field fence

Vinyl Coated Color Mesh Tarps

Vinyl coated color tarps come in 10 colors and 11 sizes ranging from 6′ by 8′ to 20′ by 30′. Custom sizes are also available. They’re designed for heavy use and are waterproof thanks to the vinyl coating. They’re a favorite temporary fence for construction sites due to their durability. They’re also a top choice for privacy fences as they block out 55% of the light. It’s best to use it as a:

  • Fence screen
  • Privacy fence
  • Snow fence

Vinyl Tarps for Fencing

If complete privacy is needed, vinyl tarps are better choices. They’re waterproof and block out all light. People will not see through them at all.

Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps

Vinyl coated polyester tarps come in 10 sizes ranging from 5′ by 7′ to 20′ by 30′. They also give you 16 solid colors ranging from black to pink. They make very durable temporary fences, but they are heavier at 18 ounces per square yard. They’re 20 mils thick and require special staking or it will blow over on windy days. Purchase this tarp and you get a waterproof tarp that resists tearing and wear from abrasion. These tarps are ideal for:

  • Construction fences
  • Industrial fences
  • Privacy fences

Vinyl Laminated Polyester Tarps

With 9 sizes ranging from 5′ by 7′ to 20′ by 30′ and 9 color options, you should be able to find the right tarp. If you need a custom size, contact us. These tarps are lighter than the vinyl coated polyester tarps, but they are fire retardant, which makes them safer if they’re being used near welding equipment, candles, or outdoor fire pits or campfires. They are waterproof, UV treated, and designed to avoid ripping or tearing. Their best uses are:

  • Campsite fence
  • Fair/carnival fence
  • Wedding fence

Unsure which way to go? That’s okay. Our experts are happy to help you find the best tarp for temporary fencing and help you with a custom order if you need a specific size. Reach us through online chat, phone, or by filling out our “Get a Quote” form.