The Best Fabric to Use as a Wedding Aisle Runner

Most couples expect their wedding will cost around $16,000. Those same couples underestimate the actual cost of everything from the cost of the food to the wedding decorations and flowers. The average amount that couples spend on a wedding is in the $29,000 range. One area where you don’t have to worry about is with the wedding runner for your indoor or outdoor wedding. Chicago Canvas & Supply helps brides and grooms find the right wedding runner material at a price that often beats the couple’s estimate.

Why Have a Wedding Aisle Runner?

Wedding aisle runners provide an attractive path for the bride, her bridal party, and the newlyweds to walk as everyone looks on. These runners add a glamorous touch to a wedding. Years ago, they were an essential part of a wedding design.

Decades ago, many roads and paths leading to public buildings were dirt. Add a little rain, snow, or ice, and that dirt road, parking lot, or pathway turned to mud. Wedding aisle runners protected flooring from dirt and water as guests and the wedding party entered from the outside where mud, snow, salt, and sand collected on dress shoes.

Today, they enhance your wedding design and help keep a church or ballroom flooring pristine. Outside, they create an aisle on an open lawn, under a large tent, or on a beach. They also help protect the bridal party’s long gowns from grass stains, sand, dirt, and mud.

The location of your wedding is important. You want a fabric that will stand up to the environmental factors. Here is a guide to the best wedding aisle runner fabrics.


Natural burlap is a popular wedding aisle runner fabric in outdoor weddings. It’s a biodegradable material, which helps if you won’t be using it again. It’s also durable, so brides and their wedding party don’t have to worry about tearing it with their heels.

Purchase natural burlap aisle runners in widths of 4, 5, or 6′ If you need it in a specific color, there is the chance that Chicago Canvas has it available in a full roll. Call or chat online to find out.


Cotton muslin is a favorite for aisle runners. Among the benefits are that it comes in a variety of weights and colors. White is fine but eye-catching blue or gray muslin aisle runners are all options. The two bigger options are if the bride and groom want flame retardant muslin or not.

Flame retardant is a good idea if there are going to be tea lights or candles providing a soft glow at night. Choose flame retardant heavy natural muslin for a natural off-white. Flame retardant muslin is also available in bleached white, light blue, light grey, royal blue, grey, and black. You can also purchase natural muslin aisle runners in medium or heavy weights if you don’t need flame retardant materials.

Muslin comes in widths of as much as 39′, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right dimensions for your aisle runner. The smallest width is 9′ 10”.

Rip Stop Nylon

While it’s not as commonly considered for wedding aisle runners, some couples find rip stop nylon is their best bet. The nylon fabric is designed not to rip or tear even if a heel catches it. The material is also flame retardant.

In addition to coming in 5′ widths, the rip stop canvas comes in nine colors including white, red, royal blue, purple, black, yellow, orange, navy, and silver. It’s easy to match the aisle runner to the rest of your wedding’s color scheme.

White Primed Canvas

Painted aisle runners are a wedding trend that many brides love. If your goal is to have a wedding aisle runner that someone paints, the white primed canvas is your best choice. You can have it monogrammed or painted with important memories. White primed canvas comes in 6-yard rolls and widths of 5 or 6′.

WeddingWire estimates that 8 out of 10 couples do all of their wedding planning online. Being able to shop for wedding runners online saves time and frustration. Order fabric samples and talk to an expert to help narrow down the best fabrics for wedding runners. Once you’ve finished those steps, ordering a custom wedding runner online is also easy.

Do You Need Help Deciding or Want Something Less Common?

Chicago Canvas & Supply is an expert in custom wedding runners. While we have a reputation as the best tarp supplier around, we specialize in weddings, too. You’ll have a wedding runner that’s made in the U.S.A., meets your budget, and won’t tear while you’re walking down the aisle or across the lawn. Complete our online form to get a custom quote for a wedding runner. Or, chat with one of our specialists to get started.