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Welcome to our blog!  Thanks for stopping in.  In our quest to continuously provide useful resources for people looking for tarps and theater fabrics, we are using our 20+ years of industry experience to share information we have learned and publicly answer questions we often receive from our customers.

What is the goal?

Simple. Our first goal is to make your job easier. Why not divulge our expertise to assist you in your daily tasks?!
Secondly, we want to encourage a community where questions and information can be shared by followers of our blog.

What types of information can I expect to find?

Anything we think will be valuable to you.  We have an exciting line up of posts already slated.  Upcoming blog posts will include educational resources, such as quick tip guides, how to guides, and fabric evaluation check lists to name a few.  Here is a sneak peek at a few upcoming posts:

  • Exploring the Difference of Cut Size V. Finish Size
  • How to Create a Green Screen Effect
  • Evaluating inexpensive Alternatives to Duvetyn
  • Quick Tips for Selecting Tarps for Landscapes and Ground Covers

We are excited to start engaging with you on our blog and invite any comments you have.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you will automatically receive updates on new posts. If you would like to suggest a blog topic please send us a comment or email.

About Chicago Canvas & Supply

Chicago Canvas & Supply has provided theaters, movie sets, scene designers, schools, photographers, artists, painters, and other entertainment professionals with fabrics ranging from canvas to muslin to scrims for the last 20+ years.  The Chicago Canvas name is also well known in industrial markets with their high quality supply of tarps, dropcloths, and outdoor fabrics.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Your Material Supplement

  1. Bodie wagner says:

    How much do I subtract from the cut size to figure the finished size of an 8′ X 12″ Tarp. Also, are they water proofed & if so with what?

    • Brad Mangurten says:


      Great question. Please see our latest Blog entry for a full explanation on Finish Size vs. Cut Size. To answer your questions, 8′ x 12′ Cut Size should be approx. 7’6″ x 11’6″ after sewing. Canvas Tarps are water-RESISTANT which means water will run-off of the tarp if it is pitched properly. Thanks.

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