Roof Leak Diverters

Drain Tarps Divert Roof Leaks

Calendars around the world say that winter is scheduled to end soon. As the snow and ice melt, as much as you don’t want it, your roof might SPRING A LEAK.  What a mess!

There is a unique, simple to install and amazingly efficient solution to capture the leak.

You need a DRAIN TARP, sometimes called a Leak Diverter.

DRAIN TARPS are square in shape.  The smaller tarps have webbing and D rings on the corners.  Larger drain tarps also have D Rings spaced on the sides.

Fabric Choices for Roof Leak Diverter


There is a choice of fabrics.

Light Drain Tarps will be fabricated from reinforced polyethylene and are black on the side you see and silver on the side towards the roof.

Heavy Duty Drain Tarps are fabricated from translucent reinforced vinyl laminate. Install the Drain Tarp with the D Rings.  Leaks are sneaky challengers.  Why?  Leaks travel and often drip away from the source.  Hang the tarp so the center is under the leak.

Simple to Use

The coolest part of the Drain Tarp is the drain inserted in the center of the tarp.The nozzle should be attached to a simple garden hose.  Run the hose into either a 55 gallon drum or out a window.  Your leak will always run to the center, into the drain and through the hose into your container.

It’s as simple as it sounds and well worth the investment to protect your property.

Save yourself from a big, destructive mess with a Roof Leak Diverter.  Help is on the way!!

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