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Old Master Style Muslin Backdrops

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Ocean BlueBlue TonesBrown TonesDark Brown TonesDusty GreenGrey StrokesGrey TonesMercuryPearl Blue TonesSierra CloudStormy BluesVangouh Clouds
  • 100% seamless cotton
  • Hand painted by professional artist
  • Ideal for photography & theater applications
  • 4″ Flat Rod Pocket on 1-10′ side
  • Finished edge on 1-10′ side
  • Available in 10’ X 10’ and 10’ X 20’
  • 12 color options



Hand painted by professional artists, these masterpieces bring the look and feel of Old Master Paintings. Each muslin is individually painted with unique patterns and exceptional quality.
While it is difficult to select a backdrop from the web due to monitor calibrations, color settings, white points and gamma profile differences, rest assured that we strive to satisfy!


10′ X 20′ Price: $230 plus shipping

10′ X 10′ Price: $165 plus shipping
Please allow slight shrinkage on cotton materials. 5% to 10%
Special sizes available upon request.


Avoid washing muslins unless absolutely necessary.
Soil or Stains:
Try to spot treat using a scrub brush, mild soap and warm water. NEVER use bleach or harsh, abrasive detergents. Stains resisting spot treatment may need to be soaked in warm water and a mild soap solution overnight. Drape the backdrop over a container, strategically placing the spot over it and place a smooth but heavy object on the spot to hold the backdrop in the solution. If the stain is not removed, a stronger detergent may be needed. Please note this can damage the backdrop. Should this happen the damaged area might be incorporated into the photo background, shifted out of the camera’s view or place subjects in front of the stain.
Folds and Creases:
Muslin backdrops are shipped folded. Upon receipt, simply hang the backdrop on your backdrop support and allow gravity to work. If creases and folds are still visible, carefully use a hand-held fabric steamer.
Ironing muslins will create shiny hotspots in the backdrop and ruin the material.
Dust /Hair:
Muslin backdrops, like all fabrics, will attract dust and hair. To remove dust, simply shake the muslin as you would any other fabric. To remove hair or fur, use a large lint roller or tape roller.
It’s best to roll your muslin backdrops into a ball when storing or use a STUFF BAG. Natural wrinkles enhance backdrops and create realism. Muslin backdrops properly cared for can last a number of years. They represent an important investment in your photography business.

10×10 Old Master Style Muslin Backdrops10′ x 10′10 0eachBlue Tones, Brown Tones, Dark Brown Tones, Dusty Green, Grey Strokes, Grey Tones, Mercury, Ocean Blue, Pearl Blue Tones, Sierra Cloud, Stormy Blues, Vangouh Clouds$165.00
10×20 OLD MASTER STYLE MUSLIN BACKDROPS10′ x 20′20 0eachBlue Tones, Brown Tones, Dark Brown Tones, Dusty Green, Grey Strokes, Grey Tones, Mercury, Ocean Blue, Pearl Blue Tones, Sierra Cloud, Stormy Blues, Vangouh Clouds$230.00

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  • Photo Shoots
  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Theater Backdrops
  • Group Photos
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