Popular Fabrics for Holiday Events

The holidays are coming, which means it’s time to start prepping for all the great events that go along with them! With the right fabrics, you can spice up your décor and create the perfect festive environment for your holiday performance, party, or gala. Here are ideas on what fabrics you can use to achieve the best holiday feel.

Fabrics for Holiday Performances 

There are a wide variety of theatre fabrics to choose from for different performances. Remember that flame retardant fabrics are required for any public performance by way of fire department safety regulation. For a great holiday production, choose from either velour, flat, or commando cloth stage curtains. Be sure to measure your curtain correctly, and don’t forget to pair your fabrics with a curtain track.

  • Velour curtains look beautiful due to the lushness of the velvet fabric and the natural pleating it creates. Velour looks very clean, creates darkness even from a far distance, and also has good sound absorption. These types of curtains are durable and last for a long time. Pair velour curtains with an orchestra or ballet performance for a professional and elegant look.
  • Commando cloth can be used as a flat curtain and is ideal for short-term performances. These are perfect for school plays or choir performances. Ensure your curtain is 20-30 percent wider than your space, such that nice pleating occurs, otherwise it will end up looking like a window shade. More pleats, more drama! Black commando cloth is a popular choice because it’s ideal for stage masking. This 100% cotton fabric blocks light and can be placed at either the front or back of the stage. Use this to create a nighttime setting for a nativity scene.

For set fabrics, you can look for muslin, canvas, or sharktooth scrim.

  • Muslin is a professional fabric that requires some technical expertise to work with. Before it’s painted, it must be prepped and primed. This fabric is very light—it’s only slightly heavier than a bedsheet. Thin and seamless, muslin works very well in providing a professional looking set. There are wide and seamless options available.


  • Canvas is another fabric you can use to paint your scenes. Because canvas is heavier than muslin, it is more expensive. However, it’s easier to paint on, so try this fabric for creating detailed scenes (a great choice for The Nutcracker). Canvas is good for school productions–kids would have a great time painting on this!


  • Sharktooth scrim can also be used for painting scenery. This lightweight open-weave cotton fabric can help create special effects with lighting. When lighting from the front, the fabric is opaque and will thus display your painted scene. If you light from the back, the fabric becomes transparent, so you can pull off some nice theatrical effects. This fabric would be an asset to a whimsical show, such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, because you can diffuse light and create a nice glow. Check out more effects you can create with scrim fabric.


  • Metallic foil can be used for stage costumes. Try these in gold, red and silver to add that holiday sparkle to your production.
Bleed-through theater fabric with customized pockets to accommodate hydraulic lifting screens.
Encore Velour Crimson
Colored Commando Cloth Forest Green
Natural 10oz Untreated Canvas Tarp
Light Blue Sharktooth Scrim
Metallic Spandex Fabric Silver Foil

Fabrics for Corporate Parties

You can also use various fabrics to transform any ordinary room into an elegant winter wonderland. Try poly muslin, linen gauze, poly silk or velour to enhance your party décor.

  • Poly muslin is a great choice for dressing up a room, since it’s flame retardant and can come in several colors. This fabric is soft and works well in high humidity environments. Treat with paint to create beautiful backdrops for your party—try a winter scape or starry night to get that holiday feel.
  • Linen gauze is a good choice for crafting beautiful illusions since it creates movement. This seamless fabric is thin, wide and translucent. This makes it drape nicely and allows light to come through, perfect for creating an ethereal ambiance. Try this fabric in flame retardant white, natural or black.
White Theatrical Gauze
  • Poly silk is a beautiful sheer fabric and wonderful for creating an opulent atmosphere. This lightweight fabric is diffusive, luminescent, and perfect for transmitting color, so it’s an ideal choice for adding class to your party.
Poly Silk Purple
  • Velour also works for corporate parties, due to its luxurious and professional appearance. Use these as room divider curtains or sophisticated accents for your room.
Encore Velour Pewter

Fabrics for DIY Decorations

You can use a wide variety of fabrics for holiday embellishments. Burlap, colored canvas, and metallic foil are all good choices for festive adornments.

  • Burlap is great for decorating on a budget. Add texture to your space and use as a table cloth, curtains (a good option since it’s sound absorbent) or to drape around the stair banister. Our red and green burlap is perfect for holiday decorations.
Printed Holiday Burlap
  • Use colored canvas for pops of color. Cover your walls with red and green or create window treatments with this thick and durable fabric. Note that this fabric is not flame retardant, so be sure to keep it away from lights or open flames.
Delaware Grass 10oz Untreated Canvas Tarp
  • Metallic foil also works for decorations. Add a metallic shine by using this fabric for room accents—hang down the wall to create a photo backdrop for your holiday party or twist and hang along the wall for vibrant streamers. Use this fabric as a table runner to help your table stand out and become the focal point of your holiday display. You can also make several decorative holiday crafts with metallic foil: make cutouts of snowflakes or reindeer and put on your wall or window, or dress up your stockings. Also keep this fabric away from light or open flames, as it’s not flame retardant.
Metallic Spandex Fabric Red Foil

What fabrics are you using for your holiday events? Let us know in the comments below!

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