Duvetyne for Photography

Whether you’re setting up a new studio or need to replace your backdrops, duvetyne is a fabric that’s been used in theaters for decades. It’s just as helpful in photography work. Have you discovered the reasons many photographers are turning to duvetyne for photography jobs?

So much goes into the right photography backdrop. Of course, size is important, but it’s not the only factor to consider. The color, the mounting system, and the type of fabric share equal billing to size. We have some tips to help you find the right backdrop for your photography needs.

Backdrop Size Impacts Photograph Quality

The rule of thumb is to have the subject of your photograph placed or sitting 3 feet from your backdrop. If you ignore this rule, shadows can appear in your images. You also want to keep items at least 3 feet from the backdrop to ensure your lighting is perfect. You also want a backdrop that doesn’t distract from your subject. Patterned prints can be hit or miss. Many professional photographers find that solid fabrics are superior.

To make sure your subjects are the right distance from the backdrop, you really need a backdrop that’s a minimum of 3.5 feet square. When you’re doing headshots with part of the torso showing, pick a photography backdrop that’s at least 5 feet wide and 7 feet long. For full body portraits, aim for a backdrop that’s 9 feet wide and 12 feet wide.

What if you work with a variety of portraiture? Sometimes your subjects are sitting, but sometimes they are standing. Consider purchasing different sizes of backdrops to meet your needs. If that isn’t ideal, choose a piece of fabric that’s 20 to 24 feet long and at least 10 feet wide.

The Fabric Must Be Durable and Absorb Rather Than Reflect Lighting

Fabrics used in photography need to have a few qualities. First, you want a fabric that’s durable. If it is going to rip easily, you’ll be wasting money replacing it. Second, it needs to withstand the lighting you’re using. If you work with a lot of lights, you don’t want the heat they give off to pose a fire risk to the fabric you select.

Another quality you need to consider is how easy the fabric wrinkles. If you need a smooth backdrop, fabrics that wrinkle easily during transportation won’t be appealing. You’ll spend time steaming out wrinkles before your shoot. It’s time-consuming and frustrating.

Duvetyne creates great photography backdrops. It’s fire retardant, thick, and absorbs rather than reflects light. It’s a durable twill material, but it has a velvet-like nap on one side. It’s also matte, so there’s no shine to the material to detract from your subject. Many filmmakers rely on duvetyne for backdrops and scenery.

The Benefits of Duvetyne in Photography

Depending on your project, duvetyne can do more than provide a backdrop. It’s a versatile fabric.

Use it to cover a person’s hand for close-up shots of items. If you want to display a product but not the model’s hand, duvetyne can block the hand from showing. Put the duvetyne over the hands and arms and have the person support the item from below the material. Those hands and arms will not appear in your shot. This is handy if you’re taking photos of an infant who cannot sit up alone.

You need to block out all of the sunlight coming in your window. Duvetyne can do that for you. Place a panel over the window and there’s no way the sun is getting through. At the same time, duvetyne absorbs lights from your photography equipment, so you won’t find shine on a subject’s face that’s being reflected off the backdrop.

If you photograph dioramas, duvetyne disappears into the background and allows your figures or other objects to stand out. It won’t draw the eye and get in the way of the scene you’re trying to capture.

We Sell Duvetyne in Six Colors

Chicago Canvas & Supply has duvetyne in 4.5-foot widths. A full roll is approximately 100 yards of duvetyne. Choose from six colors that include black, gray, royal blue, silver, white, and wine. We match competitor prices. If you find an identical material for a lower price, let us know and we’ll match it.

It’s our goal to make sure you have the right material for your needs. If 54 inches isn’t wide enough, we also have commando cloth in sizes as long as 24 feet. Request a free sample or call 866-389-2218 to talk about the backdrop you need. You can also reach us by email or live chat. We’re happy to help you find the right material for your photography needs.

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