Custom Room Divider Curtains

Divider Curtains

For anyone needing to section off a loft, studio, warehouse or office, Chicago Canvas & Supply’s 13oz. Vinyl Laminate Flame Retardant Room Divider Curtains can be customized to meet your requirements. These room dividing curtains work great with our curtain track systems. Don’t forget that Chicago Canvas & Supply can add velcro closures, windows, and weights in the bottom hems, as well as many other features, to make divider curtains ideal for your specific needs. Simply email your line drawing and the CSS staff will gladly help you select the right track, hardware and curtain. This is an easy, economical solution.

Custom Room Divider Curtains

  • 13oz. or 18oz. Vinyl
  • Choice of 8 colors
  • Clear PVC window available
  • Chain in bottom hem available to provide light wind resistance


To receive a quick, custom quote, please send your drawing:


f: 773-5883139


Don’t forget to order your Curtain Track System!