7 Creative Ways to Use Burlap

Burlap is a material that is typically made out of fibers from jute plants, which are known for their durability and strength. Because this material is so tough, it is often sewn into sacks that are used to carry heavy items such as potatoes, rice, and coffee beans. However, burlap is not always used in this manner. Here are seven creative ways to use burlap:

Protect Plants From Harsh Environmental Elements

If you enjoy gardening, it’s best to keep burlap handy so you can use it to protect your beloved plants from harsh environmental elements. In the winter, use burlap to create barriers or screens in front of your plants. The burlap barrier is designed to protect your plants from cold winds, so it does not need to touch the plants in order to keep them safe.

You can also use burlap to cover your plants at night when the temperatures are expected to drop. The layer of burlap will protect your plants from frost—just be sure to remove it as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Burlap is also used in the summer to protect plants that are getting too much sun. Hang burlap above your vegetable garden by attaching both ends to trees nearby. The burlap will block some, but not all of the natural light. This means your veggie garden will still get the sunlight it needs even with the burlap sun shield in place.

Use As Wedding Décor

Many women dream of a beautiful rustic wedding, and there’s no better material to make this dream a reality than burlap. This material is often used as table runners or tablecloths at rustic-themed weddings. Strips of burlap are tied around mason jars, vases, party favors, and even the guests’ chairs. At rustic weddings, the bride and her bridesmaids are often carrying bouquets with stems wrapped in burlap.

Burlap can even be incorporated into the design of the wedding invitations. A strip of burlap can hold the invitation, RSVP card, and wedding details card in place until the guests are ready to open this stunning package. There are endless opportunities to use burlap to create the rustic wedding of your dreams, so flex your creative muscle and use this material in any way you see fit.

Create Pillowcases

Burlap is not the softest material, so it may seem odd to create a pillowcase out of this material. But, the pillows you create with burlap will be used for decorative purposes rather than for sleeping.

Measure the pillow carefully before cutting and sewing the burlap fabric to place over it. The color of the pillow may show through the tiny holes in the burlap material. To cover this up, choose another type of fabric to lie between the burlap pillowcase and the pillow. This gives you the opportunity to choose exactly what color peeks through the openings in the burlap.

Hang As Curtains

Make the inside of your home look more rustic and natural by hanging unique burlap curtains on your glass doors and windows. Burlap is the perfect accent to your farmhouse or rustic style home. However, it’s important to note that this is not the best curtain choice for people who want to block out sunlight. Since burlap is a porous material, the natural light will shine through the fabric and into your home. You always have the option of adding other layers of fabric behind the burlap to block out more light.

Use in Stage Productions

No stage production is complete without burlap material. Burlap’s natural look makes it an ideal fabric choice for plays and other productions set in Medieval times. It’s also the perfect material for set designers or costume designers who are trying to give the production a country vibe.

Burlap is one of the most inexpensive materials used in stage productions, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not you have room in your budget for this material.

Sew Into Reusable Bags

Burlap is durable enough to withstand repeated use, which makes it the perfect material to use as a reusable bag. Fold a piece of burlap material in half and sew along both of its edges. Do not sew the top together—this is the opening of your new reusable bag.

You can even use a stencil and paint to make this style your own. It’s best to use acrylic paint on burlap, but other paints will also work as long as they are not oil-based. Paint your initials, fun designs, or anything else that inspires you on the burlap bag. Now, it’s ready to travel with you to the grocery store to serve as your reusable grocery bag.

Disguise Outdated Home Décor

Look around your home. Do you see outdated vases, picture frames, and flower pots? Give these items a fresh new look by covering them with burlap. Wrap the burlap tightly around the item and glue it in place so it stays put. Transforming your outdated household décor into rustic and trendy pieces only takes a few minutes. From utensils and serving spoons to lamp shades and bulletin boards, you can wrap practically any household item in burlap. Since burlap is so durable, it is strong enough to use on items that are stored outside as well.

As you can see, there are many different ways to use burlap in your everyday life.  If you’re interested in purchasing this versatile material, contact Chicago Canvas & Supply. We are your leading source for backdrops, textiles, theatre fabrics, tarps, drop cloths, and more. Feel free to contact us to request a free sample of our high-quality burlap materials. To place a request for samples, contact us today by calling 1-866-389-2218 or emailing email@chicagocanvas.com.

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