Tarps for Dump Trucks

What are the best tarps for dump trucks? There’s no standard answer for that. It comes down to what the tarp is going to cover and at what speeds your dump truck is traveling at. A cheaper tarp may be a great price, but if you’re replacing it every few months, you’re not saving money.

Laws Often Require You to Put a Tarp Over Your Load

State laws vary, but most do require you to secure your load. If something flies out of your truck and causes damage to another, you could be liable for any repairs and medical costs. In 2001, North Carolina passed a law that requires trucks carrying crushed stone, gravel, rock, and sand to cover the load with a tarp. Truckers that fail to do that face fines.

The same is true in Illinois. Laws state that anyone carrying aggregate, dirt, garbage, or similar must have the load secured with a tarp. Per the laws aggregates include crushed stone, coal, gravel, sand, or any other mineral or ore.

If you’re not sure if there is a state law, you should know that there is a federal law requiring truck drivers to secure their cargo. This means using tarps and tie-downs to ensure things don’t fly out of the dump truck bed. There are exceptions to the federal law, such as dump trucks that haul aggregates, grains, and sand. Still, consider doing your part in keeping cargo in your dump truck bed. You’re protecting other drivers and pedestrians and preventing costly cargo loss.

The Best Tarps for a Dump Truck

A dump truck tarp should be large enough to fit over the dump truck bed and items you’re hauling. It needs to be able to withstand the wind currents that the tarp experiences when the dump truck is driving down the road. Depending on what you’re hauling, you may need water-resistant tarp or tarps that allow air to flow.

18-Ounce Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarp: Vinyl coated polyester tarps are both waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew. They also resist abrasion and block out UV rays due to UV treatment. This makes them a favorite cover for farm supplies like hay. Get cut sizes of up to 20 by 30′.

Canvas Tarp: Canvas tarps are water-resistant and durable. They also allow air to flow, which helps reduce the risk of condensation. That’s helpful when hauling items like firewood. Canvas tarps come in cut sizes as large as 30 by 30′.

Iron Horse Polyester Waterproof Tarp: Iron Horse is one of the best tarps for covering items in a dump truck bed that shouldn’t get wet. The waterproof tarp material is heavy-duty and doesn’t stain. Find it in seven colors and cut sizes as large as 30 by 30′.

Iron Vinyl Mesh: Iron Vinyl Mesh tarps are incredibly durable and stand up to abrasion and tearing. When you’re hauling things like stone or sand, the resistance to abrasion is important. Purchase it in widths of up to 8′ in multicolor or 6′ in black. You must purchase a minimum of 5 yards.

Vinyl Coated Color Mesh Tarp: Vinyl-coated tarps come in 10 colors and cut sizes up to 20 by 30′. This is a lighter tarp at 10 ounces per square yard. The tarps are water-resistant thanks to the vinyl coating, but the mesh polyester fabric stands up to heavy use.

Dump truck beds range in size. Choose a tarp that provides the right length and width with a little extra for overhang. You want to completely cover the material you’re hauling. Look for a tarp that has thick hems and grommets on all sides to help you secure your tarp to the dump truck using the tiedown system that works best for your truck.

When choosing the best tarp for your dump truck, measure twice to make sure you get the right size. If the tarp says “cut size” that is the size before the tarp has been hemmed. It can take away as much as 9” from the finish size. Verify if the tarp is a cut size or finish size to avoid getting the wrong measurements.

Find the best tarps for dump trucks in a variety of colors and sizes at Chicago Canvas. We recommend looking for a tarp that is abrasion-resistant to make it harder for the tarp to tear when it’s covering abrasive materials like sand or crushed stone. We have dump truck tarps that are ready to ship. We’re also happy to take custom orders and create a tarp that fits your dump truck’s dimensions. Use online chat or call us at 1-866-389-2218 for for assistance.