Large Tarps for Sale at Chicago Canvas

When you need a large tarp, what are your options? You’re not stuck to the tarps you find in hardware and home improvements stores. You don’t have to hit up your discount store in hopes of finding a bargain. Chicago Canvas provides tarps in a variety of sizes, many of which are large enough to cover a roof. Custom sizing is also available. Plus, we’re happy to match our competition’s prices.

How do you find the right tarp? You need to consider the most important qualities. Do you need a waterproof tarp to block all rain and melting snow or would a water-resistant tarp be adequate? If the tarp is meant to keep water from damaging your roof, insulation, and sheetrock ceilings, waterproof is a must. Is it going to only be used inside? If so, untreated canvas is a good choice for indoor renovations and paint jobs.

Is it being used near candles, heaters, or welding equipment? When that’s the case, fire retardant tarps are important. Consider if it will be exposed to the sun several hours a day as the sun does speed up a tarp’s deterioration if it’s not UV treated. Think about what exposure it will have to strong winds and wind gusts.

As you brainstorm the qualities you need, it helps you narrow down the type of tarp that best suits your needs. Take a closer look at the large tarps for sale at Chicago Canvas and how they’re best used.

Canvas Tarps: Treated and Untreated

Canvas is a 100% cotton material that comes in a range of colors. Buy canvas tarps in untreated canvas or treated canvas. The treated tarps are water and mildew resistant. If you need a canvas tarp that stands up to flames and sparks, a fire retardant canvas tarp is ideal.

Untreated canvas tarps are best used as drop cloths and curtains. The largest untreated tarp is 40 by 40 feet. You can also get it in custom sizes.

Treated canvas tarps come in 16-ounce or 18-ounce weights. Heavier tarps are thicker, which adds extra durability. The fire retardant tarps come in 16-ounce weights. The largest 16-ounce treated tarp is 20 by 30 feet, while the largest fire retardant tarp is 30 by 30 feet. For the 18-ounce tarp, it comes in sizes up to 30 by 30 feet. You can also purchase treated canvas tarp by the yard in widths of 4, 5, or 6 feet, so call about custom sizes.

We’ve talked about untreated canvas tarps being good drop cloths or curtains, but what do you use treated canvas tarps for? They’re excellent equipment covers. They’re good for covering food supplies and camping equipment. Just be careful that you don’t use them to cover cars or boats as they can stain.

Fire retardant canvas tarps make good curtains on job sites where welders are working. It’s a good fabric for a campsite or outdoor fire pit where shelter is desired but needs to handle any sparks from a crackling log.

Clear PVC Tarps

Clear PVC tarps make excellent shower curtains, covers over doors and windows to keep out cold drafts, and to allow light in while keeping cold air out at residential or commercial construction. The largest clear PVC tarp measures 10 by 12 feet, but you can get it in custom sizes.

It’s fine to use clear PVC outside. It’s UV-treated to prevent damage from the sun’s rays. It’s completely waterproof, so use it indoors or out without fear of water getting through.

Iron Horse Polyester Tarps

Cotton tarps are strong, but Iron Horse is much stronger. These tarps are twice as strong as a canvas tarp. They’re also fully waterproof instead of water-resistant like treated canvas tarps. Purchase Iron Horse tarps in sizes up to 30 by 30 feet or in a custom size. You can also purchase Iron Horse tarp by the yard in 5-foot widths.

Iron Horse is a versatile tarp that’s good for covering cars and boats. Use it to cover outdoor tables and chairs all winter. It’s a great choice of awnings and canopies. It’s also a good sunshade to use over sandboxes, picnic areas, and playground equipment.

Mesh Tarps

You want to add walls to an outdoor deck or patio to block some of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays without stopping air from getting through. Mesh tarps, also known as shade tarps, are an excellent solution. You can also use them for privacy screening along a fence.

Buy vinyl-coated mesh tarps in sizes up to 10 by 18 feet. You can also buy them in custom sizes.

Poly Tarps

There are five types of poly tarps at Chicago Canvas:

  1. Blue Poly
  2. Brown/Green Heavy-Duty Poly
  3. Green/Silver Heavy-Duty Poly
  4. Silver UVR Heavy-Duty Poly
  5. White Heavy-Duty Poly

Blue poly is your least durable type of tarp. They’re more like the type of tarps you find in discount retailers. They have their purpose, but at 3 ounces in weight, they’re not going to take a beating and not rip or tear. They’re good for protecting the yard when you get a load of mulch or manure. You can get them in sizes of 100 by 100 feet, so this is the biggest tarp you’ll find at Chicago Canvas.

Brown/green heavy-duty tarps come in sizes of up to 40 by 60 feet. They’re more durable than the blue poly tarps. They’re also UV protected, which helps protect against sun damage. They’re good for covering firewood, having a barrier between the lawn and people during a picnic, and to cover farm equipment and machines at a warehouse or construction site.

Green/silver heavy-duty tarps are similar to the brown/green tarps, but the largest size is 30 by 50 feet. The color is reversible, so you can have either side facing out depending on your needs.

Silver UVR tarps are UV protected and help avoid damage from the sun’s rays. This tarp has a double-laminated coating, so it’s one of the best for icy temperatures. Get it in sizes up to 30 by 50 feet.

Finally, the white heavy-duty tarps are a favorite at outdoor ice rinks. They’re tough and treated to protect from UV damage. It comes in sizes as large as 40 by 60 feet.

Vinyl Tarps

What are the benefits of vinyl tarps? They’re waterproof, which pits them against Iron Horse. One place they stand out is that they’re also flame retardant. That makes them ideal for use at campsites and construction sites. The 18-ounce weight resists abrasion, rips, and tears, which is why they’re a popular choice for summer slip and slides for kids.

Buy vinyl tarps in sizes up to 10 by 20 feet or in slip and slide sizes that come in 5 or 10-foot widths and up 100 feet in length. If those are still not right, call Chicago Canvas for a custom quote.

If you’re stuck on which tarp is best or concerned that the type of tarp you need isn’t large enough, give us a call. We’re happy to recommend the right tarp for your project and discuss custom sizing if it’s available for your preferred tarp. Reach out to us by email or fill out the online quote form for a free quote that’s returned within a business day.