Can I Use D-Rings On A Tarp?

A D-shaped metal ring, or D-ring for short, is used in tie-down systems to secure one object to another. The D-rings are often screwed or welded to their connection point and then other items are secured to them using carabiner clips, rope, straps, or bungee cords.

People often wonder if you can use D-rings with tarps. Of course, you can. In fact, D-rings can be a very handy addition to your tarp project. It’s also possible to get a tarp that has D-rings sewn into the tarp’s edges (hems). As long as you’ve taken several factors into consideration, you’ll find tarps and D-rings work well together.

 What Is the D-Rings Composition?

D-rings can be made of plastic, aluminum, or heavy-duty steel. This is the first factor to consider. Using plastic D-rings with a tarp could lead to the D-rings snapping on a windy day. Tarps are best used with a metal D-ring, preferably steel ones. 

 Use a Strong Tarp With D-Rings

You’re using a tarp to cover mulch in your truck bed, to create a sunshade over your back deck, or some other project where you’re using D-rings for securing a tarp to a structure. You need a tarp that stands up to the environment it’s in. What types of tarps are available?

  1. Canvas Tarps

Canvas isn’t waterproof. You can get treated canvas that’s water-resistant, however, but these tarps aren’t designed to be used in heavy rain. They are breathable, which is why they’re so popular for campsite covers. The benefit to canvas tarps is that there are fire retardant options and weights of 16 or 18 ounces.

Choose water-resistant tarps for covering equipment at campsites, outdoor supplies, or industrial sites.

  1. Iron Horse Polyester Tarps

Iron Horse Polyester tarps are waterproof, durable, and breathable, which is why we love them for sunshades. They don’t have the chemical odor that many poly and vinyl tarps have. They’re also incredibly strong and can stand up to windy days without a problem.

If you want one of the best tarps for a project like an outdoor hammock, Iron Horse is the best choice.

  1. Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarps allow air to pass, but the small mesh material prevents insects from getting through. This makes them an excellent option for creating a screened-in porch or deck during the summer.

Mesh tarps are waterproof and block some UV rays. They don’t keep the sun out, but they do offer some protection from the sun, which is important if you like to sit outside but don’t want to risk getting a sunburn.

  1. Poly Tarps

Poly tarps come in a variety of weights/thicknesses and provide a sturdy water-resistant cover for roofing, hot tubs, and outdoor equipment. If you have a car that’s parked outside that you’d like to provide some shelter to, a poly tarp is a good canopy for a car, too.

When you’re choosing a poly tarp to use with D-rings, aim for a heavy-duty poly tarp that has a UV treatment. UV treatment helps protect the tarp from the extreme sun.

  1. Vinyl Tarps

An 18-ounce vinyl-coated polyester tarp is UV-treated, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. It resists abrasion and tearing, which is helpful in windy areas. At 20 mils thick, it’s also one of the thickest waterproof tarps you’ll find.

This is a great choice for that sunshade you want over your deck. As it’s flame retardant, it’s also a good choice for covering outdoor equipment that doesn’t fit in a shed or garage. You could create an awning using a protected side of your house where your riding mower or push mower gains protection from the summer’s heavy rain. We recommend using it as a sturdy pool cover.

Great Projects for Tarps and D-Rings

What are some of the best projects for D-rings and tarps? Here are some examples.

  1. A Sunshade For Your Deck

You have a deck off your sliding glass doors and want to add a roof in the summer to keep your home from heating up. If you added some higher posts on the corners with cross beams for supports and screwed in heavy-duty D-rings, you could secure a tarp over that frame using carabiner clips or heavy-duty cord. You have a sunshade that you can put up and take down as desired.

  1. A Truck Bed Cover

Back in April, a Vermont State Police trooper was traveling on the interstate when the truck ahead of him lost a lounge chair from the truck bed. The lounge chair smashed into the trooper’s windshield. After that accident, messages spread far and wide that people must secure their loads in open truck beds.

Prevent similar situations from happening by using D-rings and waterproof tarps to secure loads. You won’t lose items on a windy day, and you protect the furnishings, groceries, and other items you’re hauling from inclement weather.

  1. Outdoor Hammock

You want to get a heavy-duty, breathable tarp and hang it between two trees for lazy summer afternoons. D-rings are ideal for securing a tarp to a tree. Anchor the D-rings into the tree trunk, make sure you’re using heavy-duty D-rings and long wood screws for anchor points.

Fold the tarp’s corners together to create a rectangle. Strap those to the D-rings or use carabiner clips to secure the tarp’s corners to the D-rings. You have a waterproof, breathable tarp hammock that will provide a relaxing spot to read books or take naps for many summers.

  1. Inground Pool Cover

You have a small inground pool in your backyard. You don’t want an animal accidentally falling in during the night or when you’re inside. Between uses, you could use a tarp and D-rings to securely cover the pool. To start, you’ll want to install heavy-duty lawn stakes or brass anchors for concrete or wood decking that surrounds the pool.

When the pool isn’t in use, connect the tarp cover using D-rings that secure straps attached to the D-rings to the anchors. Make sure the fit is tight enough so that weight doesn’t cause the tarp to sag into the pool. If an animal accidentally walks onto the tarp, it supports the weight and prevents a tragic accident.

  1. Insect Barriers

You have a covered porch or deck, but it isn’t a screened-in area, which you find frustrating. You’d love to spend more time outside, but the insects keep you from spending too much time outside. Use D-rings and mesh tarps to hang walls from your deck or porch’s roof. Use bricks or weights to keep the mesh tarp from blowing around.

The mesh tarps provide some UV protection, and bugs can’t get through. You’ll be able to enjoy dinner outside again!

Talk to the experts at Chicago Canvas & Supply about your project. Are you planning to use your tarp as a truck bed cover or are you looking to add a durable sunshade over your deck or patio? The durability of the tarp you choose determines how well your project goals are met.

Many of our tarps are cut size, meaning they’re unfinished when they’re measured. If you need D-rings added to the tarp for your project, we’ll work with you on the best way to proceed. Let us know what you want, and we’re happy to ensure you have the right tarp for your needs.