Best Tarps Without Grommets

Why would you want a tarp without grommets? A grommet is an eyelet, often metal, that’s added to tarps so that the user can lace a rope or cable through. The grommets allow that rope or cable to help secure the tarp to the items it’s protecting. You might use the cord to connect a tarp to the edge of a pool rail to cover the pool for the winter or to secure the tarp to the top of a truck to keep wood chips from flying out during transportation.

What if you don’t need a tarp with grommets? Grommets are metal and can scratch surfaces. If you’re using a tarp to protect furniture during a renovation project, you need a tarp without grommets. Covering a boat or vehicle requires care, and you don’t want grommets to scratch the paint job. When you’re constructing an awning or canopy, you may not want grommets. What are your options if this is the case?

Can Your Custom Order Tarps Without Grommets?

What if there is a tarp material you like? Can you get the material without grommets? Some tarp fabrics are sold by the yard. Order the amount you need and let the tarp store know you do not need grommets added if that’s an option.

Chicago Canvas & Supply has several types of tarps available by the yard or in rolls. When you buy them this way, you’re only getting the fabric. If you needed grommets down the road, you’d need to buy a grommet kit and install them yourself. Here are some of the best tarps without grommets.

#1 – Flame Retardant Heavy Natural Muslin

You’re holding an outdoor wedding or party and want to lay tarps down as aisle runners. You don’t need the grommets, though. Consider flame retardant heavy natural muslin instead. It’s an excellent choice for temporary flooring, but the flame retardant nature lowers the risk of a fire if you’re using tiki torches or candles for lighting in the evening.

Buy flame retardant heavy natural muslin by the yard (minimum of 5 yards) in widths of 9′ 10″ to 39′. You can also purchase it by the bale, which is approximately 65 yards long. While muslin isn’t your typical choice for a tarp, it’s a cost-effective solution when you’re using a tarp for runners or flooring in specific settings.

#2 – Heavy-Duty #4 Canvas

You know it’s not waterproof, but you’re looking for a canvas tarp to make a hammock. Heavy-duty #4 canvas is a good choice. The 24-ounce weight can hold a person’s weight. It’s not water-resistant, but if you do get it wet, hang it to dry. Use a rain shelter if you’re using the hammock outside.

Purchase heavy-duty #4 canvas by the yard. It comes in 5′ widths, is unbleached, and is cotton fabric’s natural off-white color.

#3 – Heavy-Duty Cotton Duck Canvas

Are you looking for tarps without grommets to use as floor and furniture covers when you’re painting? Heavy-duty cotton duck canvas is washable and can be used repeatedly for your renovations and paint jobs.

Purchase cotton duck canvas in 8, 10, and 12-ounce weights. Chicago Canvas & Supply sells it in cut sizes starting with 4′ x 12′ and going up to 40′ x 40x. If you need multiple canvas tarps without grommets, purchase them in 4, 6, or 12-count packs in sizes of up to 12′ x 15′. The bulk packs come in your choice of 8, 10, or 12-ounce weights.

#4 – Iron Horse Polyester

If you need waterproof grommet-free tarps, consider 15-ounce Iron Horse polyester. The tarp is coated in silicone, making it completely waterproof, but it breathes, so condensation doesn’t build up. Use it to construct awnings, canopies, custom boat and vehicle covers, and furniture cushions and covers.

You can buy Iron Horse tarps by the yard in 5′ widths as long as you meet the minimum 5-yard purchase requirements. It’s available in six colors: black, blue, brown, green, gray, and tan.

#5 – Recacril

What if you need a grommet-free tarp fabric for an awning or marine cover? Recacril is a newer fabric that you shouldn’t overlook. It’s durable and resists rips and tears, but the acrylic material is very lightweight and breathable. It’s also finished with fluorocarbons to prevent fading or stains.

Buy Recacril by the yard with a minimum 5-yard purchase. Width options are 47 or 60 inches. The number of available colors is outstanding. It comes in various blues, greens, pinks, browns, grays, yellows, and oranges. In all, there are close to 50 colors to choose from, and additional colors and patterns are available through special orders with Chicago Canvas & Supply.

#6 – Treated Canvas

Treated canvas is coated with a wax and oil coating to be water-resistant. If you buy it in a 16-ounce olive drab, it’s also flame retardant. When it comes to treated canvas, you can get it in 16 or 18-ounce weights and five colors (brown, gold, gray, olive drab, and white). Use treated canvas for custom sports equipment covers, covers for your power equipment, campsites, and worksites. Please do not use it for custom car and boat covers as the oil and wax coating can stain the vehicle or vessel finish.

Purchase treated canvas by the yard or in rolls. Rolls come in 5′ or 6′ widths and roll lengths of 25, 50, or 100 yards. The same widths, colors, and weights are also available if you want to purchase treated canvas by the yard. If you are buying it by the yard, a 5-yard minimum is in place.

Tips to Help You Find the Best Grommet-Free Tarps for Your Home or Business

If you want a waterproof or water-resistant tarp, choose Iron Horse or a treated canvas tarp. An Iron Horse polyester tarp is durable, waterproof, and versatile. If water resistance or waterproof tarps aren’t needed, a canvas tarp is a great choice.

Covering a car or boat requires you to protect the finish, and some tarps are not good choices for that reason. Weigh the pros and cons of the different types of tarp and choose the one with more benefits than negatives. In the end, it comes down to your intended use. You must carefully consider your needs to get the best grommet-free tarp.

Consider the intended use and duration of that use. If you’re using the grommet-free tarp a couple of months a year, you may not need as heavy a tarp as you’d need for year-round use. If you’re using the tarp as a hammock through the spring, summer, and fall, you need something designed for heavy use.

You know the saying “measure twice, cut once?” It applies to tarps, too. Measure the area you need to cover. Write it down. Measure it again and make sure the measurements match. Once you know you have the correct sizing, check if the tarps are finish size or cut size. The finishing work will remove a few inches from the dimensions if the hems haven’t been added (cut size). If you’re not sure, ask the customer support team.

At Chicago Canvas & Supply, we have over 70 years selling high-quality tarps that are made in the USA. We offer the lowest prices and back them with a price match if you find an identical tarp for a lower price. Talk to our tarp experts about your next project. We’re happy to help you find the best tarps without grommets that match your expectations and price range.