Best Tarps for Covering Lawn Furniture

You’ve invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your outdoor furniture. Make that investment last by properly storing it for the long winter. With the best tarps for covering lawn furniture, your furniture will last years and avoid damage from the snow and ice. Here are the things you must consider and check off your list before winter arrives.

Properly Clean Your Furniture

Before you cover your chairs, tables, umbrellas, etc., make sure they’re clean and dry. If you cover them while they’re damp, you’ll encourage mildew. With a soft scrub brush and a mild soap, wash and rinse the furniture. Plastic sets will stand up to the use of a bleach cleaner if mildew stains are apparent.

Wooden tables and chairs should be cleaned and dried. Sand any splintered areas. Once that’s done, treat them with furniture oil or a beeswax-based wood polish to keep the wood from drying out in the colder temperatures.

Make Space for Storage

Where do you plan to store your covered outdoor furniture? If it’s in a garage or shed, make sure you have the space available. Clear a spot and put down a skid or two to keep the furniture off the ground. If snow or ice melts and makes the ground wet or creates a puddle, the tarps will prevent the furniture legs from sitting in the puddle that forms.

If you’re storing your furniture on a deck or patio after it’s covered, move skids to the area to ensure the furniture isn’t sitting in snow or ice as it builds up over the winter.

The Best Tarps for Outdoor Furniture Covers

Canvas and tarp retailers like Chicago Canvas offer a range of styles and thicknesses. This allows you to find the right tarp for your needs. When you’re covering outdoor furniture, you want something that is waterproof, resists rips and tears, and resists mildew. These are some of the best tarps for outdoor use covering patio and deck furniture.

#1 – Iron Horse Polyester

One of the reasons this is our go-to choice for outdoor lawn furniture covers is that the tarp is strong and durable. It also resists staining. If you have white wicker, plastic, or metal furniture, you don’t want unsightly stains. The other benefit is that the tarp doesn’t have a strong chemical odor. If you’re storing outdoor cushions or patio umbrellas with your lawn furniture, you don’t want it absorbing the tarp’s odor all winter long.

Iron Horse tarps come in seven colors. It also comes in a wide array of sizes that range from 5 x 7′ to 30 x 30′. If you have a lot of furniture to cover, this tarp is not going to let you down.

#2 – Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps do not rip or tear easily. They also resist mildew, stand up to the coldest of temperatures, and are flame retardant. If you plan to store your outdoor lawn furniture in the garage, flame retardant materials are a safer choice.

There are two choices: vinyl coated or vinyl laminated. Vinyl-laminated 13-ounce tarps come in a variety of colors and range from 5 x 7′ to 20 x 30′. They’re UV-treated and resist water and mildew. Vinyl-coated poly tarps are better options as they have the same properties as the others, but they resist mildew and rot. They also come in sizes up to 20 x 30′. Trust in the 18-ounce vinyl-coated poly tarps for covering wood or wicker outdoor furniture.

Carefully Choose Your Tarp

The thin blue tarps you see in discount retailers may seem affordable at that moment, but low-cost tarps also have downsides. They rip easily and need replacing more often. If you’ve paid $20 for a 10 x 12′ tarp that is torn before the winter is over, you’ll be spending another $20 to keep your furniture safe. Is that really saving you money?

A heavy-duty tarp may be a little higher in price, but it’s also designed to last for years. Instead of spending $40 a season, you spend just shy of $100 and have a tarp that is crafted to last 5 to 10 years because it’s UV-treated to remain durable in freezing temperatures. It saves you money over the years.

Look for tarps that are designed for heavy-duty use in addition to UV-treatment. Double thick hems help prevent tears. You’ll also find that tarps that say they are waterproof vs. water-resistant are your best tarps for furniture covers.

The tarps you by in a box store may not last as long as you hope. You have to carefully match the tarp to your needs. Chicago Canvas & Supply helps you find the right tarp for your needs and all within your budget. Talk to our experts in lawn furniture coverings via live chat or by calling 1-866-389-2218. We’re happy to help.