Best Tarps for a Carport

Your outdoor carport needs to stand up to the weather. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice, and strong winds have the power to destroy some tarps in a matter of days. It’s important to pick the best tarp for a carport or you’ll waste money replacing the carport cover year after year.

The purpose of a carport is to protect your car from the elements. The carport cover keeps snow and ice, rain, and branches from landing on a car or yard equipment. The galvanized steel framing that most carports have withstands winds and provides the right structure for the weight of snow or ice. You need the tarp canopy you pick to do the same.

A Historical Look at Carports

Carports date back to the early-1900s when they were used by an architect in Illinois. They didn’t become popular for another 50 years, however. Walter Burley Griffin who incorporated the Prairie School style of architecture into his designs and shared office space with fellow architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Griffin’s famous design in The Sloane House utilized a protected carport connected to the north wing of the home. It was the first home designed with a carport. Not only was the car protected from snow and rain, but the driver and passengers also had shelter while entering the home or bringing in groceries and other items. Wright would later go on to design his own homes to include carports rather than garages. He saw carports as being more affordable and just as effective as garages.

What Should Your Carport Have

When building or choosing a carport, there are a few things to consider. How tough do you need this carport to be? During a storm, there’s a chance wind gusts will exceed 40 mph, 50 mph, or even stronger in some areas. In Chicago, the highest recorded wind speed was 87 mph. The framing of a carport should be able to withstand speeds of 100 mph to be safe.

The carport tarp covering needs to hold up to snow and ice, too. There’s no telling how much snow will fall during the winter. Chicago saw 23 inches from one storm in 1967. In 2011, the city saw 20 inches fall in just one day. If the tarp you choose can’t stand up to the weight of that snow, it’s going to tear and allow snow and ice to fall onto your car and equipment.

You may want to add sides to your carport. These tarp walls can keep snow from reaching any area of your truck, SUV, or car. While a traditional carport only has the roof, it’s easy to purchase tarps to form walls and create a garage-like enclosure that keeps snow from blowing under or around your vehicle.

The Best Types of Tarps for Snow, Ice, and Wind Gusts

A carport tarp needs to keep out rain and melting snow. It needs to stand up to strong winds and not rip or tear as the wind moves it around. You may want UV protection. Two tarps are best at protecting yard equipment and vehicles from these environmental factors.

Iron Horse Polyester

Iron Horse Polyester is a favorite for several reasons. First, while some tarps have a chemical odor, you won’t find that with Iron Horse. Second, it’s breathable but the silicon treatment also makes it waterproof rather than water-resistant. Third, it doesn’t stain. You don’t have to worry about the tarp leaking color or oil treatments onto your vehicle’s finish.

Iron Horse comes in sizes ranging from 5 x 7′ to 30 x 30′. If you need a different size, Chicago Canvas is happy to customize Iron Horse tarps to meet your needs. These tarps are 15 oz and come in seven colors.

Vinyl Laminated Tarps

Vinyl laminated tarps are waterproof and mildew-resistant. There’s UV protection that can help keep the sunlight from fading your vehicle’s interior. They’re designed to resist ripping and tearing, which is handy if you live in an area where wind gusts are common.

Order a custom-sized vinyl laminated tarp or choose from sizes starting at 5×7′. These tarps come in 13 oz or 18 oz weights. You want the strongest tarp for a carport. Choose the 18 oz vinyl laminated tarp. Sixteen colors make it easy to match your carport to your home.

Carports come in a variety of sizes. You may not find the right size and opt for a lower quality tarp. You don’t have to. You can have a tarp customized to match the size of your carport. Chicago Canvas is happy to take your measurements and construct a tarp that fits your needs. We can help you choose the best tarp fabric for your needs, too. Call 1-866-389-2218 (toll-free) or 1-733-478-5700 for assistance.