Best Tarps & Canvas Tarps With Grommets

One of the simplest ways to lengthen the life of your tarp is by making sure it’s secure when you use it. If it’s allowed to blow around in the wind or into other objects, rips and tears are possible. A tarp could also blow away on a windy day if it’s not tied down properly.  Additionally, strapping down the wrong type of tarp in the wrong situation will lead to premature failure of the tarp. Grommets ensure you have a way to make sure your tarp is secure.  And ensuring you have the right tarp for the job will ensure the longest life possible for your application.

Chicago Canvas & Supply sells a wide range of tarps. From canvas tarps to Iron Horse tarps, we have the right tarp for your needs. These tarps come in a range of sizes and colors. Some are also available in custom sizes. Here are your options.

Canvas Tarps

There are 10 oz untreated canvas tarps, 16 oz canvas tarps, and 18 oz canvas tarps. Canvas is a breathable cotton material. One of the benefits is that items below the tarp are not going to be exposed to condensation. They may get stained, however, as the material is only water-resistant rather than waterproof. Take a closer look at the three types of canvas tarps.

Untreated Tarps: Untreated tarps are not designed to get wet. They do have brass-plated grommets every 24 inches. You can get them in their natural color or in a selection of 36 colors and in sizes ranging from 5 by 7 feet to 40 by 40 feet. Custom sizes are also available. Use untreated natural tarps for painting projects. Natural or colored canvas tarps are good for making curtains and room dividers or protecting furnishings and floors while painting walls and ceilings.

16 oz Tarps: Grommets on 16-ounce tarps are placed about 24 inches apart. These breathable tarps help prevent condensation, which makes them ideal for covering supplies. They are treated with a mixture of oil and wax, which gives them a water-repellent quality. They also reduce mildew. That oil/wax treatment can cause staining, so do not use them to cover cars or boats. Choose from six colors and sizes ranging from 5 by 7 feet to 30 by 30 feet or arrange a custom size. There is also a flame retardant version in olive drab. Bulk pricing is available for packs of 4, 6, or 12 tarps.

18 oz Tarps: The heaviest of the canvas tarps, 18 oz tarps come in gold or olive drab. These tarps have the same features of the other canvas tarps, such as grommet placement, but the heavier size makes them ideal for camping and truck covers when transporting items like feed, wood shavings, or crushed stone. The 18 oz canvas tarps are also available in sizes from 5 by 7 feet to 30 by 30 feet. Bulk pricing is also available on the 18 oz tarps.

Clear PVC Tarps

When you want to block off a window or door opening on a building site, create a see-through curtain in a shower, or add a wall to a covered porch or deck, the clear PVC tarp is a great choice. Its weight is 18 ounces per square yard. Grommets are placed every 24 inches. It’s waterproof and resists abrasion, rips, and tears. Buy in a custom size or in a size up to 10 by 12 feet.

Iron Horse Tarps

One of the toughest tarps on the market is the Iron Horse tarp. Its weight is 15 ounces per square yard. It’s waterproof and twice as strong as a canvas tarp. Its finish is dry and doesn’t have any plastic or chemical odor. Grommets are placed about every 24 inches. Sizes range from 5 by 7 feet to 30 by 30 feet, and custom sizes are available, too. There are seven color options.

This tarp is popular for creating a shade structure for a yard or patio. It’s a good choice for covering vehicles, outdoor furniture, and boats. You can also use it for canopies and awnings.

Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarps are used for screens that allow air to pass. You can use them as privacy fences or screening in a deck. They’re also good for covering a pool in the summer to keep bugs and leaves out when the pool isn’t in use. There are several options.

Polyethylene Mesh Tarps: This lightweight mesh tarp comes in two sizes (6 by 50 feet or 8 by 50 feet) and five colors. You can get a custom size if needed. Grommets are placed about 24 inches apart. Expect this tarp to block out about 80% of the sun’s rays. The polyethylene fabric resists mold and mildew. It’s often used to create privacy screens or at construction sites and sports facilities.

Polypropylene Mesh Tarps: You get two choices for colors (black and green) and sizes (6 by 50 feet and 8 by 50 feet) with the polypropylene mesh tarp. Custom sizes are also available. The weave on this tarp blocks out 95% of the UV rays. It’s lightweight and has grommets set every 24 inches. Use it to create shade over a patio or outdoor play structure. Cover a pool with it or create a privacy screen.

Vinyl Coated Color Mesh Tarps: Grommets are placed about 24 inches apart on this 10 oz tarp. It provides 55% shade, so you can see through it. It’s a popular choice for fence liners, scaffolds, shade covers, and privacy screens. It comes in 10 colors and sizes ranging from 6 by 8 feet to 20 by 30 feet. You can also get it in a custom size.

Poly Tarps

Polyethylene tarps are the ones most people are familiar with. They’re the blue tarps you see in discount stores. Blue tarps are just one of the different forms of poly tarps. While some tarps are waterproof, this type of tarp is water-resistant due to the weave of the poly threads. Some of these tarps have a tighter weave than others. There are several types of poly tarps that meet different needs.

Blue Poly Tarps: Blue poly tarps are lightweight. They’re an all-purpose tarp that’s often found in discount stores. Get them in sizes of up to 60 by 120 feet, which is enough to cover a leaking roof. Grommets on this tarp are placed 36 inches apart. Use the blue poly tarp to cover firewood, cover a pool for the winter, or add a privacy wall around a covered deck. They’re also popular options for covering machines and items that are in storage.

Heavy Duty Poly Tarps: Find heavy-duty poly tarps in brown/green (5 sizes), green/silver (12 sizes), or white (10 sizes). Grommets are spaced every 18 inches on green/silver and white tarps. They’re every 36 inches on brown/green. These tarps are popular for picnic mats, privacy walls, covers for farm equipment and machinery, and covering the ground when you’re having landscaping supplies like mulch or crushed stone delivered.

Heavy Duty UVR Poly Tarps: The heavy-duty UVR poly tarps reflect UV rays. With sizes of up to 50 by 50 feet, the tarps come in reversible black or white with silver on the other side. Grommets are placed every 24 inches. Use these to cover machines, construction materials, camping supplies, firewood, or boats.

Silver UVR Heavy Duty Poly Tarps: Similar to the heavy-duty UVR poly tarps, the silver UVR heavy-duty poly tarps have grommets that are closer together. With grommets at 18 inches apart, these tarps can be tied down or secured with ease. Find them in sizes as large as 30 by 50 feet.

Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps are waterproof. Even in the heaviest rainstorm, this tarp is not going to let water through. The only time water can get through a vinyl tarp is if there is a puncture or rip. Another benefit is that the tarp is flame retardant. You have two options when it comes to vinyl tarps.

13 oz Vinyl Laminated Tarp: With nine color choices and sizes ranging from 5 by 7 feet to 20 by 30 feet. If you need a larger tarp, custom quotes are available. The laminated vinyl tarp is treated to prevent UV damage. Grommets are placed every 24 inches. This is a great choice for welding curtains, paint booths, and dividers.

18 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps: Vinyl coated polyester tarps come in 16 colors and sizes ranging from 5 by 7 feet to 20 by 30 feet. It’s also UV-treated and resists mildew. Grommets are spaced about 24 inches apart. This super thick tarp resists rips and tears as well as abrasion. These tarps are great at covering furniture, equipment, and crops. They’re great for dividing spaces on a work site or construction site. You can also use them as covers on farm and freight trucks.

Not sure what the best tarp is for your project or structure? Chicago Canvas is happy to discuss your goals and help you find the right tarp and grommet spacing. Our experts help you find the right size or provide quotes if a custom size is needed. With a wide range of tarps with grommets, we know we have exactly what you’re looking for.