Utility Rope & Paracord

Types of Rope Products:

Utility Rope & Paracord

Chicago Canvas & Supply’s Paracords, Tactical Cords (Ropes), and Braided Utility Ropes are synthetic, general utility ropes manufactured in the USA. Their construction provides strength, elasticity, and a smooth surface. They are also UV and mildew-resistant. These features make Paracords, Tactical Ropes, and Braided Utility Ropes ideal for a variety of uses, including:

  • climbing rope and camping
  • survival bracelet and belts
  • parachute suspension
  • lanyards and other craft projects
  • tarp tie-downs

Deciding Between Paracord, Tactical Cord, and Braided Poly Rope

550 Paracord is a kernmantle nylon cord with a break strength of 550 lbs. and an outer nylon sheath with a 7 strand core. This makes Chicago Canvas & Supply’s 550 Cord a true type-III paracord.

275 Tactical Cord has a break strength of 275 lbs and an outer nylon sheath constructed with a 4 strand core.

Braided Utility Rope is constructed of multifilament polypropylene with a break strength of 300 lbs.  Polypropylene ropes are lightweight and will float on water.


Whether you are looking for a sturdy or light cordage, Chicago Canvas & Supply’s large inventory of colors and bundles are stock and ready to ship.