muslin theatre fabric

Muslin Fabric for Theatre Costumes, Stage Backdrops, & Cycloramas

Probably the fabric theatrical scenographers are most familiar with; Muslin (also known as Calico because it’s typically either white or an undyed natural color) is an inexpensive finely woven cotton cloth that was first produced in the Middle East during the 9th Century. As a ubiquitous theatre fabric, muslins often are used in costumes and as a background fabric for stage sets-for backdrops, murals, cycloramas and scenery flats. And since muslin fabrics have a translucent quality and can be easily painted, they’re ideally suited fabrics for stage props and other scenic applications. Painted muslin backdrops are also popular with portrait photographers. Here at Chicago Canvas and Supply, we offer a complete line of muslin fabric; including a line of exquisite hand painted Old Master Style Muslin Backdrops with unique patterns and designs individually created by our professional artists. Choose from a variety of seamless widths and colors. And remember, most of our muslins are available in both Flame Retardant and Non-Flame Retardant and we provide custom fabrication to meet your exact specifications.