Canvas, Vinyl, and Polyethylene Tarps

Chicago Canvas and Supply carries a huge selection of high quality tarps. Whether you’re looking for a water-resistant canvas tarp to fight off condensation and protect your equipment, a mesh tarp to use as a shade cover, a polyethylene tarp for a building enclosure, A HEAVY DUTY VINYL TARP or a simple painter’s drop cloth, Chicago Canvas and Supply’s selection of heavy duty tarpaulins are top quality. From the grommets, to the fabric weight to the detailed stitching, these tarps are made to last.

Check out this consumer report video on Chicago Canvas’ Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp.



Canvas Tarps

Canvas Tarpaulins are not only meant to withstand harsh environments, but are also used to protect and conceal equipment and supplies while eliminating condensation.



Untreated Canvas Tarps

Untreated Canvas Tarps (also referred to as Natural Canvas) are not treated with any chemicals. These duck canvas tarps are often used for paint projects, covers, curtains, room dividers, and shades.



Canvas Tarp Material by the Yard

Canvas Tarp material is available for purchase by the running yard.




Vinyl TarpsVinyl Tarps stack

Vinyl Tarps are stronger and less susceptible to rips and tears than Canvas Tarps. These tarps are also completely waterproof and ideal for camping or as a truck cover.




Clear PVC Tarps

Chicago Canvas & Supply offers industrial strength, waterproof Clear PVC Tarpaulins. The quality of our PVC Tarps is second to none.



Mesh Tarps

Mesh Tarpaulins are ideal for construction sites, parking lots, and areas that need added privacy. In addition, Mesh Tarps are ideal for landscaping, shade covers and fence liners.



Poly Tarpstarpsimage1-2-2

Polyethylene tarps are a favorite because they provide an economical solution for outdoor applications such as construction and roofing covers.

Drain Tarp - Leak Diverter

Drain Tarps – Leak Diverters

Drain Tarpaulins effectively catch and drain water safely away from the work area.