Made to Order

CHICAGO CANVAS & SUPPLY can easily and efficiently accommodate our customers
with their fabrication needs.  While we specialize in large widths of fabrics, many customers
still need panels sewn together or customizing done to standard widths.

Take a moment to review some of the services we offer and if you don’t see it listed below,
we welcome your inquiry.  After receiving your requests, we will gladly furnish you with a quote.


The fabric will be sewn together typically with the seams running vertically to create a larger flat panel. Should you prefer horizontal seams, please make that request.  There will be no pleating.


Should this panel be used for a curtain, we suggest that the width be increased anywhere from 30 to 50% for fullness. Visually, the more fullness the richer the look. A curtain should never be the same width as your straight tape measure.


The top can be finished in five possible ways:

  • Hem
    This is a simple hem. Fabric is folded over and held in place with two parallel rows of stitching.


  • Serge
    This is a less bulky way of finishing a raw edge. Fabric is not folded over but is bound by a single row of stitching.


  • Sleeve or Pocket
    This is ideal for sliding a pole through. Typically, we make a 3" flat pocket which is held in place with two parallel rows of stitching. Should you have a different preference, please discuss this with our sales associates.


  • Hem and Grommets
    Prior to grommeting, we must create a hem. In most fabric, 2" polypropylene webbing is enclosed inside the hem. This is done to support the grommets and add strength to the finished piece. In some fabrics, such as canvas and vinyl, we do not add webbing as the hem becomes too bulky. Typically, we use a #2J Zinc Grommet every 12". On vinyls and tarpaulins, we typically use a #3 Brass Grommet. Should you have a different preference, please discuss this with our sales associates.


  • Velcro
    Velcro is sewn in place with two parallel rows of stitching. There is a choice of 1" or 2", black or white, and hook or loop. Please inform our sales associates should you need the matching side. This will be priced separately.


  • Ties

Available in black or white #4.5 Polyester cord.  Each tie is 36" long folded in half and tied into grommet.


All five options described above are available for bottom finishing.

  • Hem
  • Serge
  • Sleeve
  • Hem (enclosed webbing) and Grommets
  • Velcro

In addition, there is a sixth option:


  • Chain in Hem
    Chain is often added when weight is needed. This is often preferred over a pole, so that the curtain can be collapsed.



  • Hem
  • Serge
  • Velcro - Be sure to discuss with our sales associates this application. We will need to accommodate your needs if hook and loop sides are to meet.



Our track systems are extremely sturdy and at the same time cost efficient. As your needs expand or shrink, the track system can be reworked and at no time becomes obsolete. Our sales associates, will gladly work with you to determine the components needed for your particular situation. Fax us your sketches and measurements, or we can easily discuss this with you on the telephone.



Most special orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. On larger orders of curtains and
vinyls, we will give you an estimated ship date. Most track orders are also shipped within 24 hours. Track stock will be confirmed when order is placed. If track is out of stock, we will communicate with you when the order can be shipped. But typically, we are pretty fast!


Orders are shipped UPS ground, unless faster (but more expensive) services are
requested. If it is more cost efficient to ship larger orders by truck, we will discuss this
option with you.

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